Linda Eskay
Mediumship Reading via Zoom
This reading changed my life.
Samantha helped me find resolutions and closure to things that I needed.
I met with her for a reading recently where I specifically wanted to connect with the spirit of my mother. I had some tough questions. What I experienced was so above and beyond my expectations. It was beautiful and powerful. Samantha began by reading my own energy and was completely accurate in describing things happening in my life right now, and she also looked through the window of my past and described my soul and tuned into my journey with accuracy. She even gave me details about my life's purpose as well as my husband's and the role his soul is playing in my life. It was perfect and that information has lifted so much weight off of our shoulders. Peace.
I have asked one of the questions of my mother before, with another medium, and my mother was resistant to answer it. She was resistant in this session as well but Samantha pursued it and was able to communicate the answer from my mother to me. Again, peace and clarity.
There was another tough question that I've always wanted an answer to. Samantha knew nothing about the circumstance I was asking about. I simply asked my mother "Why?" My mother knew. Samantha relayed the message to me and the answer was perfectly matched to the circumstance. I felt peace and allowed forgiveness.
Samantha gave me messages from my Spirit Guides and also tuned into the soul of my brother who was miscarried at about six months. She said he and my mother were together. Everything she relayed about him was extraordinary.
Mom said there's a lot to work through with her and that it's blocking so much in my heart center that I'm not even aware of.
I'm looking forward to further explorations with Samantha as she continues to help me heal. I have recommended Samantha to my friends and coaching clients who are seeking comfort, closure, and peace through messages from the other side.