Whether you’re navigating life-altering changes,

shifting relationship dynamics,

or rediscovering your own needs after putting others first,

you’re in the right place!


Imagine a journey where

you awaken to your own clarity and intuition,

guiding you towards a renewed sense of self.


Let’s ignite that transformation together!

Ready for Immediate Clarity?

An intuitive or mediumship reading can light the path!

But imagine going further…

Embarking on a transformative journey where you not only foresee the next right step,

but live a life magnetizing the experiences you deeply desire.

Through Life Design mentoring, I guide you to prioritize your happiness, teaching you to navigate life’s waters with intuition and grace. As you grow, the journey becomes even more joyful and fulfilling, proving that the better it gets, the better it can be.

Needing relief in the moment?


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A Journey to Peace and Well-Being for Women at Life’s Crossroads

Hi, I’m Samantha

That’s me! That girl there looks pretty damn happy, right? Would you believe me if I told you she was experiencing a waking hell most days back in 2016 and that she was only in the middle of it with no end in sight?

My spiritual journey has been long and hard fought. I diligently searched and picked up tools to deal with life’s “greatest hits” every where I could. But I found them! And I began to build a library that I could turn to whenever life got challenging. I thought everyone did this?! Apparently, they don’t.


Imagine, just for a moment, navigating through your life’s challenges with someone who not only deeply understands the pain buried within, but also holds the key to gently unlocking it. What if, instead of carrying the weight of your pain alone, you could embark on a journey of healing and transformation with a guide who has meticulously gathered the tools for this very purpose?

What would it mean for you to not just find temporary relief, but to truly heal and move beyond your pain, with a compassionate ally by your side every step of the way? My approach isn’t about offering quick fixes but about nurturing a profound and lasting change. Through spiritual life coaching sessions tailored to your unique story, we’ll explore and release the root causes of your pain, supporting you in building resilience and joy for your journey ahead. Isn’t it time to step into a life where your pain no longer defines you, but rather, the strength and wisdom you’ve gained from your journey does?

Services I Offer

Intuitive Reading

Integrating psychic work, intuition, and philosophy together to provide you with insight into your life. A good intuitive reading validates the intuitive hunches that you have previously felt, while leaving you feeling empowered, clear, understood and relieved. Readings are always in the spirit of collaborative partnership.

Get Back On Track!

Life Design

Simplifying the universe into its essential element – energy; then using it to create the life you most desire. Through defining your desired life goals, you will clarify your intent and then focus on removing past unconscious programming that may be working at cross-purposes to achieve these goals.

This is Life-Changing Work!


Providing “proof of life” after an individual has passed to assist in healing and to gain an understanding of what occurs after we leave this World. When we connect with a soul who has crossed over, it is an intense experience which often opens new paradigms of thought and can help us move more gently through our grief.

A Beautiful Experience!