Why I Promote Other Stuff
Dec 27, 2023

I’ve poured my heart and soul into the words that follow in this message. If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like to make it as an intuitive/medium (or if you just want to see me bare my soul), keep reading.

And who knows, you might just find something in this that resonates with you!

While I would love to solely be an Intuitive/Medium/Mentor, it’s not practical. Honestly, to give my best, I can only take a few sessions a day. And I don’t want to keep raising my rates so that only a few people can afford my sessions. To keep doing what I love the most, I have to wear a lot of hats (as you may have noticed) – Realtor®, Web Site Designer, Marketing Consultant, Photographer, Podcaster and more!

These aren’t all just things I can do. These ARE the jobs that I do. And I love them all! However, every single one of these jobs requires that I “show up” and that I am on my “A” game – each and every day. No paid sick days or holidays. Sure, I get to work when I want, play when I want. But as an entrepreneur, you are never not working when the work you’ve chosen to do requires you to “show up”.

I’m sure many of you can relate – whether you have a full or part-time job, work from home, stay-at-home parent or caregiver and so on.

Lately, you may have noticed that I have started promoting things. This is not a career change. I love what I do. But I’ve added one more “love” into my life. And believe me, I only promote that which I truly love, that I think is cool and others may be interested in. My goal is to have a source of residual income flowing in from somewhere where I don’t always have to “show up”.

I bet you’re feeling me a bit more on this.

Frankly, I’m on the brink of a new year and I am exhausted balancing it all. I don’t want the coming year to be the same as last year. Last year was good, but I want 2024 to be great!

I want to allow my spiritual/metaphysical work to be my main focus. I want to feel comfortable taking on a few clients a day, a week. I want to offer more classes and mentoring opportunities.

I want to offer real estate expertise for select clients only and only do marketing and photography for my own business(es).

I want to enjoy following my passions unhindered so that I can make a difference in the lives of those that resonate with this path I am walking.

You may see me promoting products from a company called LAB (Life Activated Brands) and products via my podcast, KISS – Keep It Simple Sister. These are all products I use that are making a difference in my life. No hype. No claims beyond the deep dive research I have done for my own physical health.

My greatest hope is that this passive income stream gives me wiggle room that then grows into a space to lounge with ease and freedom so that I have more time to devote to my passion.

My greatest desire is that all these things I share find a crowd that resonates with my message, my passion and lights them up.

Thank you, your continued support in my life’s journey means so very much to me.

What Items Do I Currently Promote?


LAB (Life Activated Brands)

Livology | Gut Health
Morvida | Superior Nutrition
Livcana | CBD Energy, Chill & Healing

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KISS – Keep It Simple Sister

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