What’s News? May 26 2023

What’s News?

It’s a whole new day here and I am so excited to share the culmination of many, many months work – and, in fact, years in the making. This new weekly newsletter will bring to you, my dear reader, an abundance of opportunities to discover, learn and join in on the many exciting, expansive goodies I have in store for you!

I look forward to sharing on a variety of topics each week. Among the many items I have planned to share…

  • My weekly metaphysical podcast
  • My soon-to-be-announced health & wellness podcast
  • Podcast episodes by other content providers, books and movies I recommend for your spiritual growth and entertainment
  • Free and fee-based workshops, challenges and masterclasses provided by me or through me
  • Featured crystal and stone profiles and education
  • And…updates on what’s coming next in my new offering: Flow Coaching monthly membership group!

So stay tuned to upcoming What’s News? emails and enjoy!

What’s News this Week?





I want to invite you to join me and be my guest to a new online course that will in 4 short weeks support you to…Think Better, Sleep Better, Perform Better and Feel Better ?

Click here to register by June 4th!
Be sure to use the Member ID Code 1DC95 at registration
and you will get the course for FREE! (savings of $222).

I will be taking the course along with you and here to support you each step of the way. It’s taught by two Integrative Health leaders, Dr’s Stephanie Rimka and Melissa Petersen.

Feel free to share this information with other friends and family that you think could benefit from this incredible health-optimizing experience.


Please Note:
I am affiliated with Awakend Nation. I chose to do so because they are in complete alignment with my vision of assisting individuals to live happier, healthier lives by integrating leading-edge thought leaders and the very best in technological and supplemental advancements. My health & wellness podcast, KISS (Keep It Simple Sister), discusses these and other concepts for your enjoyment.

Out On The Limb Podcast

Have you ever just wanted to be a fly on the wall and listen in on deep metaphysical and spiritual discussions?
Well, Now You Can!

I am thrilled to bring to you an endeavor that has been in the making for quite some time – my spiritual podcast – Out On A Limb! Well, it’s not just mine. My good friends at Palm & Lotus, Will & Allison Brown, co-host alongside me. We are now on our 15th podcast with new episodes being released every Wednesday!

Over the time we’ve known each other, we have had fascinating conversations every time we got together. At one point, I said, ” Do you know how many times I wish I could have sat and listened to conversations like this as I walked my spiritual and metaphysical path?” They recalled that same feeling. Then one day, I bring it up to Will & Allison and say we just have to do this. The next thing I know, Allison has sent me a link to do our first podcast! And our conversations continue to be fun, informative and fascinating. We truly enjoy the camaraderie and look forward to the conversations we have with our fellow viewers and clients.

So, what do we talk about? Pretty much everything! Allison is an award-winning writer who is coming out with her 3rd book in June 2023. This one will be on our Galactic Origins. Will assisted her in the channeling of this book and that’s where he shines. He is a wonderful channel. They also do and teach Reiki. Allison provides Beyond Quantum Healings, as well. Check out their website to learn more! So with all of their background, combined with my experiences over the past 35+ years, we run the gamut!

  • ET’s
  • Discernment
  • Energy Healing
  • Channeling Animals
  • The Awakening and so much more!
  • As well as interviews with other individuals in the field of metaphysics and spirituality.

There’s a whole lot being discussed in each episode and we invite you to come join us, listen in and send us questions you have or topics you would like for us to discuss.

You will find episodes on my YouTube channel: @AFireWithinMe

Flow Spiritual Group Coaching

Ready to Experience a

How different would your life be
if you discovered a way
to develop your own


I Can Show You How to Live a Happier, Healthier Life!!

Flow Spiritual Coaching is a flexible group coaching program based on my well-received Life Design spiritual life coaching.  The benefits to my clients are many. Group coaching offers the following:

  • Community – Learn alongside other like-minded individuals and support one another within each other’s personal journey.
  • Consistency –  Meet on a regular weekly basis (month after month) to more easily integrate and expand upon new habits, insights and abilities.
  • Collaboration – Explore your spiritual, healing and expansive journey by joining the Flow Book Club, watching and discussing selected spiritually-based movies and videos and more!
  • Communion – Discover how to quiet the mind through guided and non-guided meditation sessions to enhance your awareness and communication with your Higher Self.
  • Cost – Save! Through group coaching, it is possible to coach more like-minded individuals at a fraction of the cost of private 1:1 coaching. As a member, you will always have the ability to schedule a private 30-minute 1:1 for more personal issues at a discounted rate.

Will all of this be available in Flow Spiritual Coaching from Day One? 
Not quite. Baby steps as the membership grows. We will definitely be meeting weekly during the “lunch hour”. The synergy is based on group interaction and until we grow beyond my ability to meet the questions posed by the group, we will meet once a week/4x month. I will be sending out another email specific to Flow Spiritual Coaching with a questionnaire regarding the preferred time and day of the week. Currently, I am scheduling these weekly sessions on Wednesdays at 1pm EDT for up to 90 minutes (depending on need).

What happens during the weekly Flow Spiritual Coaching sessions? 
Let’s go back to the word “flow”. I truly want to flow with the conversation and meet my membership where they need me most. Each week, I will be taking questions from the group to explore where we get “stuck” and how to get unstuck, how we can stay in alignment and anything else that is needed at the time to create a sense of awareness that we are living in a dual experience and how to make the most of it. There will be times when I introduce a topic, offer an integration tool or begin with a meditation exercise; and perhaps the opportunity to even do a Q&A session via channeling higher dimensions. Book club and other cool stuff will occur in sessions other than the weekly time frame.

The construct of this group will coalesce as it is meant to be over time. Who will be my brave souls to journey and explore with me! 

When does Flow Spiritual Coaching begin? 
How about Tuesday, June 20?! Look out for free Q&A sessions prior to and around that date.

What is the monthly fee for Flow Spiritual Coaching? 
Sign up now to lock in the special monthly fee of $111 – this includes all 4 weekly sessions; plus any special sessions/recordings I provide to you. The initial sign-up will be a one-time fee for the first month. If you decide you wish to continue, you can sign up for a monthly subscription of $111/month. The monthly membership fee will go up within a few months, so lock this in today!

Note: My private 1:1 Life Design coaching sessions start at $185 per session, which means the monthly fee is $740.
This synergistic group experience through Flow Spiritual Coaching is a savings of $629!! ? ?

Sign Up to be posted on my website, A Fire Within Me, over the weekend and I will be sure to send reminder emails to further elaborate on the Flow Spiritual Coaching membership!