Cenda Paradis
Group Mediumship Reading via Zoom
WOW is the best word I can find to describe my experience with mine and my grandmother's mediumship reading last night!!! She gave us the priceless gift of healing and peace! I saw my grandmother come alive as Samantha brought up memory after memory of our lost loves ones for a straight hour and a half! We couldn't even think of questions during the reading because we were just so blown away with what our loved ones were saying (so do as she says and write your questions down beforehand, this was a birthday surprise to my grandmother so she didn't know it was happening until an hour before). I have already shared her info and all of our stories about our reading last night with so many people and will continue doing so! This experience was worth every cent I spent on it, the memory I built with my grandmother and my mother (who was listening in) is priceless!!! I will be scheduling more readings with Samantha, I don't see a need to look any further for a better medium because I have found the BEST!! We were so comfortable and relaxed, we did the reading via fb messenger video in the comfort of our home. Ten millions thank you's to you Samantha, I knew after watching several of your videos for days before booking that you were the one for us but after last night I am just so blessed and honored that all of the energies around me led me to you! You gave my grandmother such a beautiful beautiful gift!