Laura A.
Intuitive Reading in Person
It was so very good to have met and spent time with Samantha Love! I can't say enough how her psychic insight provided tremendous help and direction for me! She was very welcoming and helpful in guiding me through the process so that I could receive the most out of my reading. It was a wonderful experience and she can zone right in on your energy and clearly identify what you are seeking to know, as well as help with issues that you may not be able to see for yourself! She generously provided me with sources of information, tools and resources to assist me with direction moving forward. It's amazing how clearly on target she is and I'm so grateful to have met her! Samantha Love is the real deal! You can have full confidence that you are working with a very gifted person! I really look forward to hopefully meeting with her again. Thank you so much Samantha for your amazing gift!