What’s the Difference?

I offer a variety of services as they all utilize various modalities to get you to where you most desire to be. So which one you choose will depend on your level of comfort, curiosity or willingness to explore. Whichever modality you choose, they all require a desire, initiated by you, for clarity, growth and/or connection. In other words, you will get out of the session what you put into it.

Session Types

Intuitive Session

I use my intuitive abilities throughout all sessions. However, in this session, my intuitive senses are my main “go-to”.

  • I utilize my abilities of clairvoyance (clear seeing – mind visions), claircognizance (clear knowing – “downloads”) and clairsentience (clear feeling – empathic).
  • I connect with my spirit guides, my client’s spirit guides and their higher self.
  • These sessions are most sought after when one is trying to gain clarity in a situation, such as which actions to take, and an understanding of what may be happening around them that they are uncertain they are picking up correctly. This could have to do with relationships, career choices and/or spiritual growth.
  • Generally, the client is coming to me for specific answers on a pressing situation.
  • This is often a 1x session, but many clients will return more often for spiritual growth discovery and discussion on a more quarterly basis.

Mediumship Session

A Mediumship Session is all about connecting with a loved one – a person or animal – who has crossed over.

  • I first sense a field of energy and then begin to merge my senses with this field of energy.
  • I utilize my abilities of clairvoyance (clear seeing – mind visions), claircognizance (clear knowing – “downloads”) and clairsentience (clear feeling – empathic).
  • As we (myself and the soul) have no previous connection, there is a little bit of adjustment in communication. Generally, I will sense the energy first, then move into seeing within my mind’s eye as the soul begins to fill out their energy with physical characteristics from their time in the body. As “conversation” begins, it is more of a knowing or a download of what they are saying and the way in which they are saying it.
  • These sessions most often take place when a client has a nudge to do so.
  • Most often, the soul (whoever shows up) is there to offer healing and assurance.
  • This is often a 1x session, but a few clients may return one or two more times to connect with others or to continue the conversation. 

Channeling Session

In a channeling session, I am actually releasing from all external and internal senses and allowing higher multi-dimensional beings to channel their greater knowledge and awarenesses through me.

  • There are two kinds of channeling: conscious and unconscious. At this time, I am performing conscious channeling which means I am aware of all that is being said, however, I am allowing the flow of communication to move through me without any human filters. 
  • Because I do still get visions of what they are describing and have a sense as to points within their message, I like to clarify and integrate what was said so that my client has better utilization of the message(s) delivered. As I do so, I continue to receive information with my intuitive abilities.
  • While these sessions are similar to that of Intuitive sessions in purpose, the information being received is coming from a higher source that is aware of your Soul’s journey and path. They are also aware of the greater scheme of the universe within which we exist and so offer information of a more loving nature.
  • In these sessions, the client is having a conversation with a collective of 5 multi-dimensional beings, not with me, per se.
  • Often clients who choose these sessions have been on their spiritual growth path and feel a good deal of confidence in experiencing this next-level spiritual interaction.
  • While these sessions may be a 1x experience, those who are earnest about their spiritual growth tend to return on a more regular basis to accelerate their spiritual knowledge and growth as they connect with these higher vibrational beings of love and light.

Life Design – Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions

Life Design sessions are where I have the opportunity to share the greater breadth of the tools and all I have learned that has helped me reach the sense of freedom I now enjoy in my life.

  • In these sessions, I am performing the role of a Spiritual Life Coach guiding you through the complexities of the human ego, and emotional blocks, then moving you into a greater understanding of your power as a Creator Being, a Manifestor.
  • While these sessions are mostly conversational, I always employ my Intuitive abilities, Mentoring techniques and Coaching skills to move my clients through a variety of concepts, processes and awarenesses. From time to time, I may choose to utilize Channeling to move a client forward,
  • Additionally, there is always “homework” so that my clients can continue applying these new concepts and integrating them into their life. I do this through a private “vault” which houses all learning materials and notes.
  • Life Design sessions are for those who are ready to seek release from their self-limiting beliefs and step into an empowered life.
  • These sessions are offered on a 6-week or 12-week experience. Following these initial “deep dives” into spiritual growth, a client may elect to either continue a given experience or move into 1x sessions as needed. 

Note: I am currently working on an immersive hybrid course (individual-paced and group explorations) to be released towards or during the summer of 2023.