What to Expect in a Mediumship Session

Connecting with the Energy of a Loved One

Some of you may have come here seeking a specific type of Mediumship style, akin to John Edwards’ rapid-fire style, where the soul’s energy is prominently present, readily engaging in vivid proof of existence. This is how most people view evidential mediumship. This is not my style and the style of many others. In fact, there is an ever-increasing shift in the way meaningful connections with the other side occur.

In our field, there are numerous practitioners, including myself, who excel at connecting with the energies of loved ones. Sometimes, this connection unfolds effortlessly, while on other occasions, it may be more subtle and may not always align with the specific individual you’re hoping to connect with. This variability doesn’t reflect our expertise; rather, it signifies where we currently stand in our journey, skill development and expression of connection. My style is of a calmer, quieter nature in which I blend with the energy of someone from the other side until I can begin to feel a soul take form. I sense, then begin to see them either literally or through representations of certain items they show me. My empathic ability enables me to actually feel what they felt through experiences in their life. This all occurs while we are going through the process of validation to determine who is with us.

Indulge me in allowing myself to redefine what it is that I am and am actually doing. I sense and see energy. Oftentimes, as I begin to describe the energy and receive confirmation from the client, the energy pull is stronger and the energy of that soul coming through becomes a clearer picture. This is why I describe myself as an Energy Channeler. Sometimes they do show up right away, full of themselves. However, more times than not, it is a process of getting them to fill in their appearance in my mind’s eye. Once validated, it is time to start the conversation. This is the exciting, joyful, tearful part of the experience.

So why use the term Mediumship rather than Energy Channeler? No one quite gets the full extent of abilities that an Energy Channeler has at their disposal; much more than a Medium, in fact. In my mind, Mediumship is a specialty of an Energy Channeler. However, “Energy Channeler” is not a commonly used label and therefore no one would readily understand what it is I am capable of or offering. Hopefully, this makes sense and begins to set the expectations for the session.

Mediumship sessions are 50-minutes. If you feel you need more time, please select the 90-minute session.


I have recently had the pleasure and thrill of receiving a reading from Samantha…
Not only did she give me and my daughter great information that helped regarding some very upsetting going’s on with my granddaughter but also connected me with my daughter Daisy who I’d been trying to reach for 30 years
I feel so happy, as though a part of me has come home. Very emotional but in a beautiful way.
I will be recommending Samantha to all who need help from now on
I can’t express my appreciation
So much love
Caroline Stevenson Mediumship Reading Via Zoom
Caroline Stevenson
This reading changed my life.
Samantha helped me find resolutions and closure to things that I needed.
I met with her for a reading recently where I specifically wanted to connect with the spirit of my mother. I had some tough questions. What I experienced was so above and beyond my expectations. It was beautiful and powerful. Samantha began by reading my own energy and was completely accurate in describing things happening in my life right now, and she also looked through the window of my past and described my soul and tuned into my journey with accuracy. She even gave me details about my life’s purpose as well as my husband’s and the role his soul is playing in my life. It was perfect and that information has lifted so much weight off of our shoulders. Peace.
I have asked one of the questions of my mother before, with another medium, and my mother was resistant to answer it. She was resistant in this session as well but Samantha pursued it and was able to communicate the answer from my mother to me. Again, peace and clarity.
There was another tough question that I’ve always wanted an answer to. Samantha knew nothing about the circumstance I was asking about. I simply asked my mother “Why?” My mother knew. Samantha relayed the message to me and the answer was perfectly matched to the circumstance. I felt peace and allowed forgiveness.
Samantha gave me messages from my Spirit Guides and also tuned into the soul of my brother who was miscarried at about six months. She said he and my mother were together. Everything she relayed about him was extraordinary.
Mom said there’s a lot to work through with her and that it’s blocking so much in my heart center that I’m not even aware of.
I’m looking forward to further explorations with Samantha as she continues to help me heal. I have recommended Samantha to my friends and coaching clients who are seeking comfort, closure, and peace through messages from the other side.
Linda Eskay Mediumship Reading via Zoom
Linda Eskay

I’ve never met with a medium or had a reading before my appointment with Samantha. I went into the appointment with an open mind but also with the hope of being discerning enough to know if what was going on was real and accurate. I can tell you from everything I experienced and what we talked about that Samantha has an amazing gift! I didn’t know what results to expect from my reading but I ended up getting everything I needed and wanted from it. I highly recommend Samantha for anything as simple as getting a higher perspective to much deeper things like connecting with loved ones who have passed on.

Brittney Baxter Dameron Mediumship Reading via Zoom
Brittney Baxter Dameron

If you need to connect with a love one who crossed over, I highly recommend Samantha, she was always on point throughout the reading, she is super friendly I will definitely come back and do another reading with her. I left the reading feeling great just soo happy.

Ashley Ramirez Mediumship Reading via Zoom
Ashley Ramirez

Thank you Samantha Love for a wonderful reading!♡ you connected with my Gabbygirl and you were on point! I was missing her so much! Also you brought me some closure with her telling me to move on… Thanks again for a lovely reading!

Lizbeth M. Mediumship Reading via Facebook
Lizbeth M.

Omg all I can say Samantha immediately responded to a photo I posted.  I knew this old photo would give others a problem and boom she picked up on it. Awesome and amazing is all I really can say.  Samantha talked with my great grandmother.  So exact and so much information.  You will be amazed and become a true believer in her psychic abilities.  Thank you, Samantha you enlightened my mind and heart.

Nancy Gillett Mediumship Reading via Facebook
Nancy Gillett

Samantha did a reading for me with my deceased boyfriend. She was absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend having a reading with Samantha. Connecting with a loved one who has passed is very emotional yet brings you peace after your emotions have run their course. Samantha is with you on this emotional journey and had a calmness about her that is comforting. I highly encourage everyone to connect.

Rachel Lukehart Mediumship Reading via Facebook Video Chat
Rachel Lukehart

Samantha is amazing. She connected with my loved one and showed me how to heal from a loss I’ve struggled with for 13 years.  Words cannot describe how amazing she truly is. You have to experience it for yourself.

Rachel Lukehart Mediumship Reading via Facebook Messenger
Rachel Lukehart

Can I Do Both Intuitive & Medium in One Session?

Absolutely! You will need to select a 90-minute session, if you want to do both in one session. Decide which is most important and we can lead with that. However, if it doesn’t matter, I always suggest going with an Intuitive Reading first as it is a much faster process then connecting with a loved one. Once your questions have been answered, you will be more at ease with the slower pace of the validation, then Q&A process of a Mediumship Reading