What to Expect in an Intuitive Session

I don’t offer predictions, I intuit potential and possibilities.

When you come for a reading, you are receiving a multi-layered approach to the challenge at hand. Your guides are eager to offer clarity from their higher perspective with the understanding of your life’s purpose and goals in mind. This is combined with my intuitive abilities to sense energy flow and maintain myself as a clear conduit in order to receive their messages.

My style is very conversational. Think of it like a Life Coach session “on steriods” as it has the spiritual guidance component which offers rapid clarity and a pathway to moving forward, sorting through difficult challenges and, often, a little bit of follow-up personal work.

In a nutshell, we will deep dive into those areas of your life affecting you most. With the help of your guides, we will focus awareness on a given challenge, bring it to light, shift your perspective and release the pent up or blocked energy. In doing so, you will discover a renewed sense of ease within yourself and an understanding of how best to move forward along your journey.

This is soul work for those who are ready to move forward in their spiritual journey.

Intuitive sessions are 50-minutes. If you feel you need more time or would like to add time for a little mediumship (connecting with a loved one), please select the 90-minute session or create  a separate appointment for mediumship.


I came to Samantha for a medium reading as a gift to myself for my birthday. She said at the beginning you might not get what you want but you will get what you need. She wasn’t kidding! Our session changed into us doing some inner child work. I just turned 60 this week & with Samantha’s help I have started to release some deeply held beliefs from when I was 3-4 years old! I’ve been doing work on myself for at least 15 years but with Samantha’s help, I feel like I have progressed so much faster than I had been doing on my own. Thank you!!

Susie Hinton Intuitive Reading via Zoom
Susie Hinton

Samantha is on target!! Besides being very in tune and connected with the quantum field, she was a lovely person to interact with for an intuitive reading. She immediately created a feeling of ease and comfort within me. Samatha provided me with insight and understanding that assisted me in my relationship with myself and with others in my life. I would recommend her to others and I would love to have another intuitive reading with her again in the future!

Judy Buchanan Intuitive Reading via Zoom
Judy Buchanan

I’ve never met with a medium or had a reading before my appointment with Samantha. I went into the appointment with an open mind but also with the hope of being discerning enough to know if what was going on was real and accurate. I can tell you from everything I experienced and what we talked about that Samantha has an amazing gift! I didn’t know what results to expect from my reading but I ended up getting everything I needed and wanted from it. I highly recommend Samantha for anything as simple as getting a higher perspective to much deeper things like connecting with loved ones who have passed on.

Brittney Baxter Dameron Mediumship Reading via Zoom
Brittney Baxter Dameron

I began my reading with Samantha having one main question on my mind. Once we began speaking, Samantha actually worked through a few other issues that I had simply accepted and did not realize were in my way. With a few kind words she enlightened an area that I had stashed away and helped move through it quickly giving me clear direction.

Nena Keane Intuitive Reading via Zoom
Nena Keane

I want you to know that you’ve truly changed my life! You’ve opened my eyes to seeing myself and the world differently. I haven’t won the lottery yet though, lol! I’m reading the vortex now and I’m starting to do EFT. I’m still new to EFT but it seems effective to release anxiety and negative self-talk and overall be my best self. Thank You!

Jenny Intuitive Reading via Phone

Samantha is so warm. Her energy was so soothing making everything comfortable. Her information was very insightful. Samantha is just truly a sweet person and she really wants to go the extra mile to make sure that you will understand your reading and asks as many questions as possible. Passion of her gift resonates throughout the whole conversation. Sweet lady. I look forward to providing her with updates 😉

Tiffany Intuitive Reading via Zoom

It was so very good to have met and spent time with Samantha Love! I can’t say enough how her psychic insight provided tremendous help and direction for me! She was very welcoming and helpful in guiding me through the process so that I could receive the most out of my reading. It was a wonderful experience and she can zone right in on your energy and clearly identify what you are seeking to know, as well as help with issues that you may not be able to see for yourself! She generously provided me with sources of information, tools and resources to assist me with direction moving forward. It’s amazing how clearly on target she is and I’m so grateful to have met her! Samantha Love is the real deal! You can have full confidence that you are working with a very gifted person! I really look forward to hopefully meeting with her again. Thank you so much Samantha for your amazing gift!

Laura A. Intuitive Reading in Person
Laura A.

Samantha was able to help me with the challenges associated with the unexpected passing of my wife. She was able to show me methods to use to help with my anxiety that was associated with her passing and difficulties that I have had for years not associated with the passing. She was able to let me know who was helping me from the other side along with details on how. Overall she really wants to help the person and cares more than most.

James Didato Intuitive Reading in Person
James Didato

I had been struggling with loss, grief, and self loathing for years. I have been to many counselors and my loving pastor, all of whom have done the best they could to ease or erase my grief and guilt. After meeting with Samantha, I was finally at a place where I felt I could move on. A one hour session turned into two and I could have spent the afternoon with her! She has a special gift, one that I strongly believe in and so obviously what I needed personally. I am looking forward to our next session and recommend Samantha to anyone, especially if you have suffered the loss of a loved one and are unable to seek help in “conventional ways”.

Laura Kortokrax Intuitive Reading in Person
Laura Kortokrax

Samantha is a truly gifted medium! You can feel the love and guidance from her guides and angels. it’s amazing how she can tune into past life memories and give you the guidance to help you understand how to help heal or guide you in your current life by showing you how they are connected.

Debra Clark Intuitive Reading via Facebook Video Chat
Debra Clark

Samantha’s style is definitely one that is worth trying. It comes from an emotional angle which helps better understand why [you] are getting the kind of reading you are getting. She was able to make sense of things I couldn’t while making me feel comfortable asking any kind of question felt I need answers too.

Stephanie Miller Intuitive Reading via Facebook Video Chat
Stephanie Miller

Samantha is a truly caring, intuitive soul. Her spiritual counsel is invaluable. I recommend her wholeheartedly!

Lauren Gadd Intuitive Reading via Zoom
Lauren Gadd

Samantha is an amazing medium. Her warm and happy personality will let you feel very comfortable during the reading. She is on point and very accurate. Her psychic abilities are connecting her in many ways with spirit world. If this is loved ones, your past lives, advice from your spiritual team or your Higher Self she can deliver you very detailed information. Thank you, Samantha, for all the readings you have done for me, they brought me great insight for my life.

Magdalena Rose Intuitive & Mediumship via Facebook Video Chat
Magdalena Rose

Samantha is honest, positive and encouraging. Highly recommend her for a reading!

Jeri Cissna Hollifield Intuitive Reading in Person
Jeri Cissna Hollifield

Samantha gave me a reading about a personal issue that I could not see clearly. I am also a sensitive, (so I know she is good), but was having trouble working through it. Samantha provided insight that I had not even thought of, and provided an astounding explanation based on the interpersonal comingling of energies between myself and another individual, as well as advice on how to prevent future issues like this from developing. I highly recommend Samantha, she is intuitive, compassionate, and knowledgeable.

Aubrey Lee Smith Intuitive Reading via Facebook
Aubrey Lee Smith

The reading I had with Samantha was an amazing, fun and unforgettable experience! Frankly, I was dumbstruck as she succinctly answered the questions I had longed to ask with answers I intuitively knew to be true. I could not find fault with what I was hearing. Samantha has the keen ability to quickly get to the heart of the matter with insightful and meaningful information. She is truly gifted. I was deeply satisfied on many levels and I came away with a sense of clarity to my questions. I can highly recommend one of her insightful readings!

David Love Intuitive Reading via Email
David Love

I met with Samantha for the first time last week. She was very sensitive to my situation and very intuitive with advice to help me. I felt so much better after meeting with her and taking some of her advice. She seems to be very honest and caring and level-headed. I look forward to meeting with her again.

Lauren Gadd Tarot Reading in Person
Lauren Gadd

Can I Do Both Intuitive & Medium in One Session?

Absolutely! You will need to select a 90-minute session, if you want to do both in one session. Decide which is most important and we can lead with that. However, if it doesn’t matter, I always suggest going with an Intuitive Reading first as it is a much faster process then connecting with a loved one. Once your questions have been answered, you will be more at ease with the slower pace of the validation, then Q&A process of a Mediumship Reading