Life Design Group Experience

Are you a spiritually attuned woman navigating the transformative years of your life, standing at a crossroads and seeking deeper fulfillment, direction, or purpose? Do you feel a sense of being adrift, yearning for more, or confronting barriers to your progress and joy?

How are you supposed to experience emotional freedom and peace of mind when you feel lost, unfulfilled or stuck?

Is it actually possible to experience emotional freedom and peace of mind without being overwhelmed by the process on how to get there?!

I bet you’ve tried self-help books, talking with close friends, talk therapy… And nothing has quite worked for you, right?

How do you find the TIME to read self-help books, much less go to a workshop, convention or retreat, then understand how to integrate what you’ve learned…if you’re already stretched thin or have a full time job?

How do you justify spending money on more books, more courses, more self-help products, if you barely use them?

Why’s it so nerve-racking to confront and express your true feelings!?

Is the constant battle to achieve emotional freedom and peace of mind really worth it?

Can you really achieve emotional freedom without facing your deepest fears?

And when should you practice mindfulness or self-reflection?

Should you even engage in deep self-exploration?

Are you doing regular self-care activities? How often?

What about seeking guidance or support from others?


If any (or all) of the above questions run through your head… day after day… I might be able to help.

Hey, it’s Samantha here…

And, while I don’t claim to know it all, I HAVE helped many clients, including myself, transform their life by creating a sustainable step-by-step action plan. I call them Illuminators, as once they understand, they begin to organically illuminate the way for themselves and others.

And yet…not that long ago, I was in your shoes.

Those early days were rough, desperately sad and miserable. And it lasted for 5 years!

I’d take a step forward only to take three more back. I was drowning in uncertainty and the fear of making wrong choices.

Anyway, if that’s kinda how you feel right now… 

Let me give you a road map, so that you stop hitting dead ends or getting lost on back roads, and instead take the fast lane to a life of contentment and fulfillment that you can be proud of.

Let me show you that you can Embrace Your Evolution Effortlessly!

Here is what I’m proposing.

I’ve had a TON of spiritually attuned women in transitional years reach out to me asking for my help.

So I had this crazy idea to build a step-by-step plan to guide you from feeling lost and unfulfilled to being well on your way towards emotional freedom and peace in six weeks.

No fluff. No messing around, just a simple plan to take you from feeling lost, unfulfilled or stuck and uncertain to a life where you feel emotionally sane, empowered and at peace.

Scroll down to the “Discover…” button below and fill out the form to request a call back to see if this is right for you, before you make the investment!

And remember,
You are loved beyond your ability to comprehend 💕

And I love you, too!


Life Design Group Coaching Experience

 ~ for women only, sorry guys ~


Your Group Coaching Experience begins with a 6-Week Clarity Quest.


Upon completion of your Quest, you will have the option to continue your journey in the Life Design Group Coaching Experience.

~ Special Announcement ~

You can join the 6-Week Clarity Quest as a Founding Member for only $432.

  • That’s over 65% savings.
  • Only 10 Spots Available
  • This is a Women’s Only group! 
  • Payment options available. Processing thru Square. If you need additional payment venues, please reach out to me and let’s see what we can make happen.

The 6-Week Clarity Quest

Here are all of the details!

I am looking for 10 spiritually attuned women in their transformative years who are sick of feeling lost, unfulfilled, or stuck and are ready to take back control.

On the upcoming start date, May 20, 2024, these 10 Founding Members will start working closely with me to achieve emotional freedom and peace of mind. And I want YOU to be one of them. 🌟 I will not let you fail. 💕

Does that sound exciting to you?

Would you LOVE to stop feeling overwhelmed by your self-improvement journey and start taking the right steps towards FINALLY achieving emotional freedom and peace of mind?

As a Founding Member, you’re getting exclusive access at a special rate. But WAIT! There’s so much more! How about a Pre-Launch Bonus to set you in the mood to take on the Clarity Quest?

Let me give you the full deal here!

Those  10 Founding Members will get: 

✅  The 6-Week Clarity Quest so that you can be expertly guided through each step towards emotional freedom, dispelling overwhelm and uncertainty, while confidently illuminating a path towards a brighter future

👉 The Quest follows the Illuminated Path Method, which is a unique system to achieve emotional freedom and peace of mind. This method systematically guides you through clear, actionable steps, eliminating the usual overwhelm and uncertainty associated with personal transformation, and setting the stage for a life enriched with empowered action and emotional sanity.

✅  Bonus #1: Weekly Quest Group Coaching Calls
Join our Weekly Quest Group Coaching Calls to gain personalized insights and strategies, ensuring you progress with clarity and confidence.

✅  Bonus #2: One Optional 30-minute Getting Started Session with Samantha
Kickstart your journey with a one-on-one session with Samantha to tailor your quest path for maximum impact right from the start.

✅  Bonus #3: Emotional Toolkit
Access a comprehensive Emotional Toolkit to swiftly navigate and soothe any intense feelings, keeping you balanced and focused throughout your journey.

✅  Bonus #4: Quest Community
Immerse yourself in a supportive Quest Community, fostering connections that motivate, inspire and help you stay committed to your transformation.

✅  Bonus #5: “A Fire Within Me” App
Leverage the convenience of the “A Fire Within Me” App, ensuring you have instant access to all your essential resources, anytime, anywhere.

✅  Bonus #6: Life Design Monthly Membership
Continue your growth with the Life Design Monthly Membership, offering ongoing access to exclusive content, community support, and regular coaching calls that keep your emotional freedom journey vibrant and enduring.

The best part is, you will get all of this for a huge discount as a founding member! 

When I do the full public launch, I’m going to charge $997 for this program. 

But I have a sneaky reason for giving you a huge discount…

I’m looking for 10 Founding Members, who I can work with closely over the 6 weeks of the Clarity Quest to get them incredible results.

I’m looking for future testimonials of the Illuminator’s Movement!

All I need from you is $432 and your commitment to emotional freedom!

“Samantha is fantastic at helping uncover beliefs and giving you a new perspective. She has such a fun attitude but also cuts through the clutter with gentle but tough love!”
~ Barbara Kerford

Interested in the transformative experience of emotional freedom and peace of mind? 

Feeling the pull? Excited about what lies ahead? Then let’s make it happen! Click the link below and you’re in. I can’t wait to start this journey with you. 💖