What is Life Design?

It’s about creating a life of integrity in which you feel joy and experience abundance.

It’s about bringing vivid clarity and colors back into your life.

It’s about re-engaging with your imagination and experiencing the magic of a life lived in alignment with your inner being.

It’s about discovering a whole new way to become aware and shift perspectives into a much-preferred reality – a life you absolutely love.

This is for Everyone!

Discover how you may be blocking your own success.
Uncover why you haven’t left that job.
Understand why you keep falling into the same relationship pitfalls.
Release past anxieties that cause you to feel stuck.

When you sit down with Sam, you can tell that she is speaking to you from the heart. She has a genuine interest in helping people enjoy the lives they live. She helps you see that a lot of the worries we let dictate our emotions in the present are IRRELEPHANT!

Tomas M. Life Design in Person
Tomas M.

Samantha is fantastic, at helping uncover beliefs and giving you a new perspective. She has such a fun attitude but also cuts through the clutter with gentle but tough love!

Barbara Kerford Life Design via Zoom
Barbara Kerford

I worked with Samantha in her session that dives into figuring out what your blocks are that have been holding you back. I learned a lot about myself, and was able to notice more of my actions day-to-day that really were holding me back. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Samantha and gaining a deeper understanding of how to remove those blocks and live a more fulfilling life.

Angelica Addeo Life Design via Zoom
Angelica Addeo

From our initial meeting, I felt at ease, and safe to share my thoughts and experiences with her.
She is extremely skilled in listening beyond the words one speaks. She tuned in to what was “underneath” and brought it to the surface in a safe and supportive manner, which allowed me to identify and clear it in a positive and gentle way. After our session, I found myself feeling such a sense of relief. I’d even call it… FREEDOM!

Laura Montesano Life Design via Zoom
Laura Montesano

Samantha is a great resource when it comes to getting to the bottom of your beliefs. She’s very in tune with the energies that are going on, and was very helpful in getting me to a much clearer place about some really big subjects in my life! I’m really grateful for the session I did with her, and for her assisting me in such an attentive way!

Lindsay Ferrin Life Design via Zoom
Lindsay Ferrin

I’ve done a number of leadership and growth courses, and the Life Design work that Sam offers is unique. The Attraction Point Audit helps you zero in on the areas of your life that you find most challenging, helps you articulate WHY, and then begins to show you how gentle re-frames can open doors where before there were just walls. It can help immensely to have someone else walk you through that process, and Sam is as kind and caring a guide as you’ll find.

Glenn Love Life Design via Zoom
Glenn Love

Sessions with Samantha

As a Certified Freedom Leader, I utilize techniques designed to uncover deeply rooted limiting beliefs and, alongside my Intuitive abilities, I empower you to break free from your limitations so you can step into your power living a life of true freedom and expression.​

There is no “one formula fits all”. Each session is a co-creative process: you get out of it what you put into it. Expect epiphanies, laughter, perhaps some tears, homework and walking out feeling lighter than when you arrived. At the end of 2 months, you won’t believe the life changes you have made.

Life Design “Align” 8-Week Mentoring package: These processes take time to create effective and lasting change. Typically, most clients require one session a week over a period of 4-6 weeks to clear out issues that crop up and to begin maintaining a high and consistent vibe. Any remaining sessions are scheduled every other week to maintain this newfound alignment. Clients always have the option to add sessions. Sessions are offered online via Zoom or in person, if local.

Life Design “Aware” 3-Week Mentoring package: Unsure what’s involved in the whole process? This “mini” package offers you the foundation to understand what patterns motivate your life and how to begin the process of releasing yourself from them. Clients will be offered the option to add sessions to complete the full “Align” mentoring package. Sessions are offered online via Zoom or in person, if local.