In The Beginning – Read This First!
Jan 1, 2023

For we are only at the very beginning of this journey and yet, we have already arrived at the end, many, many times over.

Many times I have had this thought come up, “What’s the secret behind The Secret?” I thought to myself that the concepts were exciting – create a vision board, live “as if” and so on. Really? That’s all there was to the forces behind having the things we want come into our lives? Easy enough, then. I knew I had a great imagination and a little creativity and I was going to be set for life. But as weeks would go by with no visible results, I found myself getting bored, frustrated and disillusioned over, yet another, New Age concept that didn’t deliver on the goods.

Years have gone by and I have grown in my spirituality and the mechanisms to unlock the universe within which we live. I have discovered that everything unfolds in its right timing. Not because I am not capable of the knowing, but because this is the agreement we, as limitless beings, made when we chose to come into this physical reality. In my allowance to study and become more aware of the physical and non-physical reality in which we live, I have come to understand many fascinating concepts that, when applied, transform the whole experience of my physical existence here on Earth.

My intention is to trust my Inner Being that I will be guided in the timing and content of my own musings, revelations and discoveries that I share with you, dear reader. I understand that perhaps only some of what I share will resonate with you. But I fully believe and affirm here that, as time goes on, you will grow in understanding and this content will feed your soul. I believe that this is the beginning of a journey that we will embark on together. For you, dear reader, are ultimately me mirroring back to me my own journey of self-discovery.