How to Move Through Resistance
Mar 8, 2023

If you are in a situation where you feel resistance…

  • Awareness: Become aware of the resistance you are feeling in a situation that is creating contrast in your experience.
  • Emotion: Examine the feelings the resistance stirs up in you and make note of it.
  • Question: Once you are aware of the feeling, the emotion tied to the resistance, ask yourself, How does this situation/contrast benefit me?
  • Response: Allow your Inner Being to communicate in what way this situation/contrast is creating a benefit, a growth through experience, in your life.
  • Acknowledgment: Acknowledge the benefit of this contrast, express appreciation for the situation/contrast.
  • Release: Move off-topic. Find something that you do find pleasurable and immerse yourself in that. This is the releasing of the resistance.

This is not unlike the concept of Hoʻoponopono, a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It’s almost like a mantra that you can repeat over and over until you release from the situation. It goes…

I’m sorry.

Thank you.

I love you.

Please forgive me.

The classical energy behind the phrases…

  • I’m sorry (I repent). A statement that there is negative in life. Something inside you pulled this problem. This is a stage of awareness of the problem.
  • Thank you. Appeal to God or the universe. Saying this phrase, you are appreciative for what your life has created in the moment to bring about awareness.
  • I love you. Saying this phrase you express sincere love from the heart. No matter what. Repeating this phrase many times clears a person from negative energy.
  • Please forgive me. You apologize to the universe for your negative and inappropriate thoughts and actions.


Acknowledging that we live in the new paradigm, these are my thoughts on the phrases:

In the first statement, “I’m sorry”, the classical thought is “I repent”. I disagree with the energy of this as “repent” feels to me like I have sinned. As that concept has never made sense to me, I cannot acknowledge it. When I say, “I’m sorry”, I feel that I am not expressing regret or remorse for wrongdoing as defined by the word “repent” in the dictionary, rather I am acknowledging a new paradigm belief that I have become aware that I am out of alignment with my Inner Being (higher self).

The second and third statements, “Thank you” and “I love you”, I could easily receive.

In the last statement, “Thank you”, I disagree with the classical sentiment and it is not my intent when saying this. While one’s thoughts may be “negative”, to me there is nothing “inappropriate” about one’s thoughts and actions in regards to how the universe (Source) perceives us. I feel I am asking for forgiveness from myself so that I don’t get hung up on the situation so that I may release from the situation. Oftentimes, the other party forgives us far more readily than we forgive ourselves. I believe the lack of forgiving ourselves is what pinches us off from Source energy and feeling the flow of love in our lives.

By introducing these concepts into one’s life, we can begin to move away from emotions that weigh us down, thus creating situations from which we find it challenging to move past, creating unnecessary “stuckness” in our lives. Instead, by practicing the above concept(s), we move through a beautiful process of awareness and understanding the very mechanism through which we grow in this three-dimensional reality we temporarily inhabit.