Do you Really Want to Know About My Spiritual Journey?


Here we go!


I believe I have always been observant about the nuances of life that get looked over by others. My introduction to my spiritual path has been similar in nature with unique, one-of-a-kind experiences cropping up throughout my life always leading me to a new revelation, a different perspective and a greater awareness that there is much more to this physical world in which we live.

Tarot was my first passion. To look at the face of the cards in a tarot deck, is almost to lose oneself. They are infinitely beautiful, original and artistic. While the overall traditional meanings of the cards have significance, I learned early on to assign my own interpretations to each one. The various symbols on the card can change meaning from reading to reading. That was my first clue that I was moving beyond my beloved tarot into uncharted territory.

Over time, the cards became a crutch that would gently launch me into a full-on intuitive reading going way beyond the significance of the cards. Allowing for this phenomenon to continue, I eagerly sought out a mentor to take me to the next level. Through training with various psychic tools, I further exercised my intuitive abilities, finally moving into free-form intuitive readings requiring no tools.

An Intuitive Reading with me has been described as a “Mental Massage” or “6 Weeks of Therapy in a Single Session”. That block that is deep within you that is holding you back from moving forward on your path, that is the awareness that I bring to light. Together we sort out the nuances of this new awareness to assist you in moving forward. Naturally, there are many types of readings that can be utilized from general life overview to specific focused questions, as well as energetic body scans and so forth.


Mediumship has always been a fascination of mine and always seemed unattainable – you had to be born with the ability or suffer some life-altering event. It’s actually more attainable than that. After the passing of my father, I set up an appointment with a local Medium. She connected me to my father in a way that provided comfort and deep healing. At that moment, I knew I wanted to be able to give that to others. The search for a new mentor was on.

I can honestly say I have scoured well over a hundred websites searching for my mentors. And it has been well worth it. I have received my Mediumship Certification through the Zenith School of Metaphysical Studies and have continued refining my connection to the other side ever since. The main emphasis is on understanding the energy and symbols presented by those who have crossed over, professional delivery and continuous skill-building. It means the world to me to be able to reconnect loved ones; passing along messages; allowing them to see that we never die; to witness firsthand that our souls continue and that we will all be together again.

It is amazing the variety of experiences encountered throughout my many readings. For instance, my latest deep development has been opening myself up fully to energy. We are all “empaths”. As my daughter would say, “we get the feels”. Intuitives simply “feels” more than others. This ability assists in deeply understanding what the sitter is experiencing either emotionally or physically in their lives. It serves as a bridge to understanding the sitter’s life experiences-to-date, so that I may continue our session with dexterity and compassion. It also assists in determining areas of blockages and pain. In mediumship, it allows me to experience the personality of the soul who has come to visit.


Transchanneling has really taken off! It came online last fall and is now a regular offering within my services. It’s always so strange how one thing clicks and you are off and running. I guess it was my time. You can learn more about who I am currently channeling by checking out Channeling under the Private Readings section of the Services menu.

Transchanneling is a form of communication that is much different, in that with channeling, we are generally speaking to those who are anywhere from loved ones who have crossed over (including animals), spirit guides, angels and other ascended beings. In transchanneling, one steps back from their body and allows an ascended being access to one’s body for the purpose of delivering a message, dialogue or discussion on matters of a higher importance, such as the soul’s development and the very understanding of existence. These messages tend to be of the nature of spiritual growth and the expansion of human consciousness. Transchanneling sessions are not for amusement but have great inspirational and educational worth. This area of spiritual growth is leading to fascinating research and understanding of expanding human consciousness and developing classes to lead others in the understanding and practical application of this awareness.

My latest accomplishment is in earning my certification as a Certified Master Freedom Formula Facilitator. This work is in direct alignment with my intuitive services. The greatest difference is that instead of someone coming to me for a one-fix session, these are continuous sessions that go in-depth into every facet of your life to remove emotional blocks that are preventing you from living your best life. It’s all about self-realization. So instead of me giving you all the information, I guide you through a process that brings these emotions to the surface (awareness) and you release any that no longer serve you so that you can move forward designing the life you most desire, thus why I call it, Life Design. This work has quite literally changed my life. It is simple, quick and permanent. I am enthusiastically looking forward to sharing it with my clients!

It is all a wonder and I am most grateful to be able to share these abilities for all those who seek out my assistance.

Love & Light!