WordPress For the Spiritually Inclined 101

Mondays @ 6:30pm, starting June 8th, 2015

(6/8, 6/15, 6/22, 6/28)

This class is designed to:

Introduce you to the elements of good design.

Familiarize you with the inner workings of WordPress.

Walk you through the process of creating your very own website.

Discover how to add functionality to your website for an enhanced visitor experience.


This course isn’t sexy…

but your website will be once you’ve completed it!


Tutor: Samantha Love Kaufman

Participants: Anyone interested in creating a website for any purpose – the focus will be on Spiritually-based sites.

Focus: If you have any intention of having a professional online presence, you need a website that reflects You!

Why WordPress: WordPress is the web design tool preferred as it allows for greater control and functionality for your website. Additionally, followers of WordPress are passionate about offering support when sorting through a design issue or adding new functionality to your website.

Materials included:
Step-by-step typed instructions via PDF
Step-by-step screenshots via PDF
Access to instructors and assistants in closed Facebook group
Additional support documents and/or guides in closed Facebook group

Course Outline

Session I: Elements of Design:

  • Design Review – good vs bad – “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”
  • Psychology Behind Design – layout, content, images, interactivity
  • WordPress Themes – free vs paid
  • Hosting & Domain Options – you get what you pay for
  • Homework: review sites and come up with your brand identity, including layout, colors, content, interactive stuff you want on your own website or review what you already have and what you are missing. Also determine domain and hosting.

Session II: Behind the Scenes with WordPress:

  • Prepare a mug of coffee, pour a glass of wine or indulge in some serious chocolate ~ we gotta get through this one!
  • cPanel – if you have to set up your own WP install (this will be a document provided to you via Facebook)
  • WordPress Admin – getting around the WordPress interface
  • Pages & Posts – how to create pages/posts (if blogging, design, best practices)
  • Homework: set up your domain and WordPress website, input your content

Session III: Making Your Website Interactive & Wrap Up

  • Plugins & Widgets – good, bad & ugly, placement, updating
  • External Sources – linking, embedding code, redirecting
  • Review & Q&A – take a look at a few participants websites to get an idea of what to look for in plugins/widgets and other tips
  • Homework: add plugins, etc.

Session IV: Forum Website Review/Q&A

  • Opportunity for site review, learn from others, etc.
  • Finalize your website to present “Live!”


Class Starts Monday, June 8th
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Fees and Payment Options

Class fee is $125

For questions, email me!


WordPress for the Spiritually Inclined – 101 will be offered again in the Fall. Fee will be $125 for the 4-week class

WordPress for the Spiritually Inclined – 102 offered in the Fall.
This class/workshop will focus on the marketing aspects of your website, as well as content creation to create recurring visitors. This course will include the following topics:

  • How to write an interesting blog with ease
  • How to monetize your site
  • Advanced tools for marketing your services
    and more!

Supplemental Services: Outside of the above classes, if you need site assistance beyond a simple question, you may obtain this by request. Private email me or message me via Facebook for details.