Life Design Freedom Series


It’s about
…creating a life of integrity in which you feel joy and experience abundance.

It’s about
…re-engaging with your imagination and experiencing the magic of a life lived in alignment with your inner being.

It’s about
…discovering a whole new way to become aware and shift perspectives into a much-preferred reality – a life you absolutely love.

Does the idea of feeling genuinely good and happy

sound like too big of a leap at this moment?

I totally get it.

I’ve lived life by default, as most of us do.

When things would get bad, I would lash out verbally or consciously at the perceived source of my pain. Or worse, I would go inside with self-recrimination and hateful self-talk. My mind would go round and round dissecting what happened.

How could I have done otherwise?
Why did no one seem to care?
Why was this even happening to me?

I would tell the story of my woes over and over again to friends and confidantes. Sound familiar? This is what we do. This is what we ALL do.

It’s not your fault. We learn by example. We can unlearn by example, as well.

At my most profoundly disconnected moment, desperate for relief from the pain and loneliness I was experiencing, as well as the incessant monkey chatter in my head, I received a nudge.

I was reminded of the Law of Attraction. This simple law which governs the very reality of what we experience. I’m not talking about visualization boards. I mean the real deal put into practice to create a life worth living.

Through my journey, I uncovered the true essence of this Law and so much more.

I began to understand the mechanisms and skills required to pull myself up from my misery. I slowly began to heal my shattered self-image. I gradually harnessed the tools required to begin building the life I truly wanted.

This journey has become one of the most satisfying and life-changing adventures, bordering on mystical and, at times, magical.

And I can show you how…

This is for Everyone!

Discover how you may be blocking your own success.

Uncover why you haven’t left that job.

Understand why you keep falling into the same relationship pitfalls.

Release past anxieties that cause you to feel stuck.

The Life Design Freedom Series

The Life Design Freedom Series is a progression of courses that focus on the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction, or “How Your Reality Works”. Each course in the series reinforces the main concepts so that they are firmly integrated into your understanding, as well sequentially goes deeper to broaden the concepts, offering a greater application of the concepts presented.

Law of Attraction Demystified

Masterclass | 1.5 – 2 hours | 1 Session | FREE | Online via Zoom

This masterclass is designed to help ease into the foundational concepts of The Law of Attraction, familiarize oneself with the various terminology and concepts, and provide insights into one’s current life experiences via an interactive questionnaire. Group participation is encouraged, but not required.

Focus Areas:

  • The Concept and Purpose of Alignment
  • Introduction into Dominant Negative Emotions
  • Interactive Dominant Negative Emotion Sample Questionnaire 
  • Awareness of How Dominant Negative Emotions Frame One’s Experience
  • Next Steps

The Practical Blueprint to Your Empowered Reality

Seminar | 1.5 – 2 hours | 4 Sessions | $297 | Online via Zoom

This seminar goes into greater detail and expands on the concepts mentioned above, as well as introduces new concepts for even greater expansion. The intent of this training will give one a solid foundational understanding of how your reality is created, teach you how powerful of a creator you are, and give you life-changing tools and processes to assist you in standing in that power.

Focus Areas:

  • The fundamentals to a life of freedom – how reality really works.
  • How to stop creating by default and step into your power as a creator of your reality.
  • Tools for transformation and stepping into your power. 
  • Moving into the new paradigm.

Power Manifesting: Book Club Study Group

Workshop Series | 1.5 – 2 hours | 6 Sessions | $445 | Online via Zoom

This study group workshop is designed to coincide with the six main sections of the “Power Manifesting: Unlock Your Full Potential As A Leading Edge Creator”, written by my mentor, International Breakthrough Specialist and Law of Attraction expert, Nick Breau. In book club fashion, the group will read a section of “Power Manifesting” each week followed by an online session to review and integrate concepts. Think of this as an opportunity for Law of Attraction group coaching.

Focus Areas:

  • Key concepts and simple exercises for achieving consistent and lasting states of happiness and alignment.
  • A roadmap to effectively mastering topics such as detachment, allowing, inspired action and acceleration.
  • How to deal with specific sources of contrast, such as feeling stuck, lack of clarity or when other people lower your vibration.
  • How to escape from a current reality loop to break free of repeating circumstances and move forward in your life.

This series combines guided reading, group discussion and group coaching. Purchase of the “Power Manifesting” book by Nick Breau is required.

Relationships | Self Love | Money | Health

Workshop | 1.5 – 2 hours | 1-5 Sessions | $TBA | Online via Zoom

~ Coming Soon ~

There will be future workshops dealing with relationships, self-love, money and health, as well as general on-going group coaching to assist Life Design Freedom Series participants to go even deeper into applying these principles to create a meaningful and happy life. 

Not a fan of group coaching or would prefer the privacy of one-on-one coaching?
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Experiencing the freedom and abundance you seek lies in addressing the limitations found within.

These inner limitations are the only barrier between the life you live and the life you seek.

~ Nick Breau