Psychic 411

When Should I Get a Psychic Reading?

Receive Clarity

There are times in our life when we feel we just can’t move ahead. A psychic reading will help you gain clarity on issues that may be interfering with you achieving your goals.  

Discover Potentials

Feeling stumped on where to go next? A psychic reading can help you discover possibilities you might never have considered or even knew existed. 

Access Insight

Confused over the many choices around you? A psychic  reading can help you understand the nuances of  what is going on around you with potential options and possible outcomes.  

When Should I Consult a Medium?

Wait At Least 3 Months

Your grief over the loss of a loved one may still be raw and not quite under control. Usually around 3 months, you will find that you feel strong and open to the communication.  

The Deceased Need Time, Too

Your loved ones need time to adjust to their homecoming. They also need to reacquaint themselves in communicating within the non-physical. Give them some time. They will let you know when they, too, are ready. 

Look for Signs

Often times, your loved one will begin to send signs that they are ready to communicate. You may find coins and feathers lying about. You may notice dragonflies or birds flittering about. They will also communicate through electronics or often your favorite song.