May 23, 2015 samantha


I have debated to the point of getting nowhere whether or not to have a separate travel blog or use it to develop my spiritual blog. What I have come to realize is this – they are inseparable. My love for travel is rooted in understanding other people, seeing how they live, what their lives are about, learning about their history and discovering the many cool aspects of where they live. That pretty much sums up my spiritual adventures as well!

This world is endlessly fascinating to me and I want to share my revelations on all levels with those who care to read. And so, while I may be talking about my nerves being rattled as we cross the border into Canada, I am still talking all about the spiritual experience of living every sweet and precious moment of this life.

It is my greatest hope, along this journey, that I will be able to meet up with many of you who come upon my site and my blog. Perhaps I will be able to offer readings face-to-face or share a cup of tea. Whatever the case, let the great adventure continue!