August 3, 2014 samantha

There’s Always a Rainbow

Not because I haven’t wanted to, but…

Honestly, between lack of cell coverage, supposed “wi-fi” available (but not accessible in many campgrounds), drive and exploration time, oh! and sleep, I have been unable to update my posts. You can’t imagine the pictures I’ve taken, the moments I’ve captured and the adventures we’ve had. The good news is, all of that is on its way!

The hardest part of this epic summer sojourn – this being me wearing the plethora of hats such as driver, technician, repairman, travel planner, cook, washer, maid, gas pumper, attitude adjuster, atm, disciplinarian and so on – is almost at an end. My mother and her crew head back to the Hilton Head Island on Monday. My son and I will be on our own for a few days to readjust and prepare for the next segment of our epic summer trip when my husband will be joining us in Las Vegas…yay!

Beyond the fact that it will be nice to have my partner in everything back by my side, it will be a massive relief to not have to be on my toes 24/7 – someone else to work through critical decisions, share the driving, and hold hands with during a beautiful sunset. Okay, that last bit may be me romanticizing the whole experience, which rarely happens on the road, but a girl can dream.

One item I am looking forward to the most is getting caught up with this travel blog. I haven’t decided yet, but most likely I will post twice a day since I know that the moment I get home I will be hitting the ground running to earn money for the next epic trip.

So…what’s this “rainbow” thing about?

Following this epic trip, I intend to fill this blog with highlights of the campgrounds we’ve visited, tips and tricks of what we’ve learned on the road, information on how you can get started on your own epic trip and so forth.

Stay tuned…

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