There’s Always a Rainbow

Not because I haven’t wanted to, but…

Honestly, between lack of cell coverage, supposed “wi-fi” available (but not accessible in many campgrounds), drive and exploration time, oh! and sleep, I have been unable to update my posts. You can’t imagine the pictures I’ve taken, the moments I’ve captured and the adventures we’ve had. The good news is, all of that is on its way!

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The Wide Open Plains

I just had to feature a picture of my mother’s view on most of the trip. Granted, it made it easier for her to simply follow the big camper over hell and half of creation, but it must’ve messed up a few scenic views.

As we traveled towards Browning, we did crossover some familiar terrain on the east side of Glacier. Read more

West Glacier, Part II

DSC_3153They day finally arrived with sunshine and an early start to visit West Glacier in all its glory. We packed the kids up in the minivan, complete with blankets, pillows, video games and food – my mother and I were not to be deterred from our photo safari, so please forgive us our lack of stern parenting.

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A Walk in the Trees

Up with the sunrise and ready to tackle West Glacier…only to discover another lackluster cloudy day. With the desire to fill our memory cards full of award winning shots of Glacier and a surreptitious look at the following days immaculate weather report, we decided to stay around the kitschy little town of Whitefish and see what was happening.

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West Glacier – Breathtaking

There is so much to say about West Glacier, Kalispell and Whitefish…and even the KOA at which we stayed. Our first surprise was what a neat campground we found. The Whitefish/Kalispell KOA is a family paradise. We pulled up to check in and the kids were off and running before we even got to our site.

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A Diamond in the Rough

On the way to Glacier, someone alerted us to a bit of an oddity out in the middle of nowhere, but en route to West Glacier north of Missoula. Looking at a map, you might think I am referring to the National Bison Range. While Bison are infinitely fascinating behemoths to observe, no, that is not what garnered our attention.

We found this diamond within a one-horse town called St. Ignatius, wherein one finds the St. Ignatius Catholic Church. Honestly, the last thing our kids wanted to do was to visit a Catholic church in the middle of nowhere and beyond. But what a wonder to behold!

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Sawtooth National Forest = Heaven

Upon leaving the blackened plains of Craters National Forest, we headed up Hwy 75 into Sawtooth National Forest. Never once in my life have I ever heard anyone mention this area of the US, which resides within the most polite state in the country, Idaho. Yes, Sun Valley is located on this route, but next to all of the grandeur in Sawtooth, it pales in comparison. It is simply lush, majestic, vibrant and easily accessed via camper. In fact, if I wasn’t traveling with a camper in tow I would’ve had “camper envy”.

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