Sawtooth National Forest = Heaven

Upon leaving the blackened plains of Craters National Forest, we headed up Hwy 75 into Sawtooth National Forest. Never once in my life have I ever heard anyone mention this area of the US, which resides within the most polite state in the country, Idaho. Yes, Sun Valley is located on this route, but next to all of the grandeur in Sawtooth, it pales in comparison. It is simply lush, majestic, vibrant and easily accessed via camper. In fact, if I wasn’t traveling with a camper in tow I would’ve had “camper envy”.

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Ancient Lava Beds En Masse

Heading north out of Layton, UT, we were all looking forward to the day’s main attraction – Shoshone’s Ice Cave. After the first hour of our trip, the enthusiasm began to dwindle. Into the second hour, it felt like time had slowed to a crawl. By the third hour we need gas in a bad way and there was slim pickings. I watched my gauge getting dangerously low. I kept referencing my Garmin in assurance that there would be a gas station just up the road, only to find that the station we thought would be there was no longer in existence.

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