One Can Never Tire of Aspen, Colorado

Aspen was as lovely as ever. The air was crisp, the shopping was delightful and the gondola ride up the mountain was thrilling. We got to the top, had a brief lunch and then played ping pong and cornhole. Really, a delightful day…until the altitude sickness hit. Actually, I think it sucker punched me earlier. It nailed my son by the time we were on our way back down the mountain. Alas…it was still a fine day.

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The Universe Delivers

Enjoy this image from the driver’s seat heading North on Highway 24 Between Leads and Minturn.

I didn’t even attempt to post the other day. The highs and lows of being on the road were almost obscene yesterday. After settling for the night in Lamar, CO, we awoke to discover that the deluge of rain had also left a deluge of bloody thirsty skeeters. I mean, we saw them whilst we were setting up camp, but never imagined they were feasting on us with such outright viciousness. Every exposed spot on the body had been sampled – a thigh here, an ear there, oh, and let’s not forget just above AND below the underwear line.

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