Zoo & I Had Another One of Those Moments!

We got another late start, which is not a good thing when you are running 7-8 hour drive times in an effort to get out to where the real meat of the trip begins. I am thoroughly beat up with exhaustion. I was thinking how leisurely a trip ought to be, but you get out here on the road and see for yourself how many fascinating things there are to see. The world is simply filled with awe-inspiring stuff!

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Good-byes and Homesick

Well, it only took about an hour down the road when I realized that, yep!, my good-bye to my husband was lacking. In the haste of getting on the road – while I did get a good-bye kiss – I forgot all about the hug. Oh my gosh how I suddenly wanted, craved that hug. I lamented it all throughout the first day on the road. <sigh!>

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