A Walk in the Trees

Up with the sunrise and ready to tackle West Glacier…only to discover another lackluster cloudy day. With the desire to fill our memory cards full of award winning shots of Glacier and a surreptitious look at the following days immaculate weather report, we decided to stay around the kitschy little town of Whitefish and see what was happening.

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Ancient Lava Beds En Masse

Heading north out of Layton, UT, we were all looking forward to the day’s main attraction – Shoshone’s Ice Cave. After the first hour of our trip, the enthusiasm began to dwindle. Into the second hour, it felt like time had slowed to a crawl. By the third hour we need gas in a bad way and there was slim pickings. I watched my gauge getting dangerously low. I kept referencing my Garmin in assurance that there would be a gas station just up the road, only to find that the station we thought would be there was no longer in existence.

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650′ Underground

Traveling – when you are exhausted – can really take a toll. It exacts its measure in the area of your resilience, literally sapping it dry of all of its bounce and determination.

We had been sticking to this brutal schedule to get across the eastern and mostly central states to get to where the meat of the trip begins. Driving times of 7-8, plus stopping for points of interest along the way. What was I thinking?

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Zoo & I Had Another One of Those Moments!

We got another late start, which is not a good thing when you are running 7-8 hour drive times in an effort to get out to where the real meat of the trip begins. I am thoroughly beat up with exhaustion. I was thinking how leisurely a trip ought to be, but you get out here on the road and see for yourself how many fascinating things there are to see. The world is simply filled with awe-inspiring stuff!

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