The most complete, thorough and practical guide ever written on the topic of co-creation and the law of attraction.
In Power Manifesting, Nick delivers true stories of incredible synchronicity. He breaks down and simplifies concepts at their core. He shares his life experiences in a deep and penetrating way. The end result? A journey that unlocks the mind, moving the reader into a new paradigm of understanding.

When applied, these teachings will literally change the way you experience your physical reality. Nick’s mission? To bring forth a new generation of teachings, a new paradigm of understanding, to help men and women step into their power as the full creators they came here to be.

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● Key concepts and simple exercises for achieving consistent and lasting states of happiness and alignment.
● A roadmap to effectively mastering topics such as detachment, allowing, inspired action and acceleration.
● How to deal with specific sources of contrast such as feeling stuck, lack of clarity or when other people lower your vibration.
● Practical steps to identify and overcome sources of resistance to love, money, and health so you can finally let them in.
● How to escape from a current reality loop to break free of repeating circumstances and move forward in your life.
● Free companion content including guided meditations, videos, and other resources to help further integrate Nick’s teachings.

The Power Manifesting Collective

Are you interested in joining a group of like-minded individuals all vibing with the Law of Attraction and the New Paradigm energy? Imagine immersing yourself in weekly Live Calls, Group Support on Facebook, access to an amazing digital library of past call topics, as well as continuing education in related spiritual teachings several times a week?

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The Freedom Formula Facilitator Program

The Freedom Formula Facilitator Program is an online program designed to teach you everything you need to assist others in experiencing life-transforming shifts.

A unique blending of spiritual concepts with life-transforming processes and techniques, the Freedom Formula contains the key elements Nick (creator of The Freedom Formula Training) has used to transform the lives of his clients in over 30 countries through private coaching and in-person seminars.

His goal? To flood the world with well-trained – high-vibration practitioners – creating massive impact while living a life of freedom and abundance.

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