DSC_3248Singular amazement at a single tiny, exquisite white flower growing out of a rugged crack in the middle of heavily-trafficked pavement!

Moments like that define my life. I have always been observant about the nuances of life that get looked over by others. And my introduction to my spiritual path has been similar in nature with unique, one-of-a-kind experiences cropping up throughout my life always leading me to a new revelation, a different perspective and a greater awareness that there is much more to this physical world in which we live.

Upon graduating college from Auburn University with a degree in Public Relations, I began my lifelong career in marketing. Over the years, I have been fortunate in assisting dozens of small businesses with their marketing needs growing that niche into my specialty. My skills expanded to include print advertising, graphic services, web design, videography and photography. It is a thrill to use my creative abilities to assist my clients in meeting their end goals. Throughout the years, I found my guides weaving spiritual studies and continual growth into my life. From tarot to past life regressions to intuitive readings and so on. I would encounter new mentors, new modalities and new levels of awareness. I don’t for one minute feel I am accomplished, at the end of my studies. I am one with my clients and my students in an ever upward spiritual growth bringing us all to new heights of understanding, abilities and awareness. My goal is to facilitate spiritual growth and awareness.

Here are some of my tools and how they came about in my life:

Tarot was my first passion. To look at the face of the cards in a tarot deck is almost to lose oneself. They are infinitely beautiful, original and artistic. While the overall traditional meanings of the cards have significance, I learned early on to assign my own interpretations of each on. The various symbols on the card can change meaning from reading to reading. That was my first clue that I was moving beyond my beloved tarot into uncharted territory.

tarot-card-readingsOver time, the cards became a crutch that would gently launch me into a full on intuitive reading going way beyond the cards significance. Allowing for this phenomena to continue, I eagerly sought out  a mentor to take me to the next level. Through training with various psychic tools, I further exercised my intuitive abilities, finally moving into free form intuitive readings requiring no tools.

An Intuitive Reading with me has been described as a “Mental Massage” or “6 Weeks of Therapy in a Single Session”. For that reason, my services have often been referred to as that of a “Life Coach”. That block that is deep within you that is holding you back from moving forward on your path, that is the awareness that I bring to light. Together we sort out the nuances of this new awareness to assist you in moving forward. Naturally, there are many types of readings that can be utilized from general life overview to specific focused questions, as well as energetic body scans and so forth.

Growing in increasing popularity are Past Life Regression (PLR) and Lives Between Lives (LBL).  I have been offering Past Life Regression sessions for years as I feel they offer insight into our soul’s journey and can offer healing through awareness in our current lifetime. I am not a certified hypnotist and I do not hypnotize my client throughout these sessions. I lead a guided meditation in which my client is fully aware and able to voice their responses throughout the session. What is truly cool about these sessions is that I am able to journey with my client and see what they see…and often times much more! This is especially helpful when we review the past life visit as I am able to offer insight and guidance that the client may not have picked up on during the guided meditation.

Just before I turned 50, I finally allowed the works of Jerry & Esther Hicks/Abraham into my life. I can honestly say, this was a game changer. There were many lessons I had to endure prior to my understanding of the many concepts Abraham shares with us all. However, with this new found understanding on the Law of Attraction, I was gifted with a greater sense of peace and purpose in my life – Alignment with my Higher Self. While not always easy to follow, these teachings now serve as the basis of my approach to life and are feathered throughout my guidance and teachings.

Mediumship has always been a fascination of mine and always seemed unattainable – you had to be born with the ability or suffer some life altering event. After the passing of my father, I setup an appointment with a local Medium. She connected me to my father in a way that provided comfort and deep healing. At that moment, I knew I wanted to be able to give that to others. The search for a new mentor was on.

I can honestly say I have scoured well over a hundred websites searching for  my mentors. And it has been well worth it. I have received my Mediumship Certification through the Zenith School of Metaphysical Studies. The main emphasis is on understanding the energy and symbols presented by those who have crossed over, professional delivery and continuous skill building. It means the world to me to be able to reconnect loved ones; passing along messages; allowing them to see that we never die; to witness firsthand that our souls continue and that we will all be together again.

Energy Healing has always held my fascination and truly goes hand-in-hand with my spiritual journey, growth and services. I have learned many energy healing modalities throughout the years, mostly revolving around the use of light energy directed through my hands similar to Reiki, but have chosen a direction that is more in balance with my current services – Shamanic Healing via Dimensional Doorways. As I was already focused on going within for guidance, it seemed to make sense to simply go there to ask for healing guidance for my clients, as well. I begin with an Energetic Body Scan and then identify which Dimensional Doorway would be most beneficial to my client – Akashic Records, Inner Child, Brain Jump, Soul Retrieval, Teaming Doctors and Totems. Some of these journeys I perform on my client’s behalf, often with homework to follow, and the others are guided meditations performed alongside my client. Each session is a wholly unique experience.

And so…I continue to learn, to expand, to facilitate, to practice, to share and to honor all that is.

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