What is the Freedom Formula?

The Freedom Formula empowers you to break free from your limitations – so you can step into your power living a life of true freedom.​

The teachings and processes you’ll find in the Freedom Formula can be applied to assist you in transforming all areas of your life where you may feel stuck. It has been used by men and women all around the world to create massive shifts in circumstances ranging from health, wealth and relationships to joy, happiness and fulfillment.

How Does it Work?

The Freedom Formula is founded in the understanding that physical reality is a projection of your own consciousness, a co-creation, between you and your inner being and that all limitations you currently experience can be transcended by addressing them where they originate – inside of you.​

The Formula encompasses the teachings, processes and techniques you can use to identify your unconscious limitations, shift out of old paradigms of thought and behavior, release paralyzing fears and negative emotions and step into your power so you can experience a life of true freedom.

Experiencing the freedom and abundance you seek lies in addressing the limitations found within.

These inner limitations are the only barrier between the life you live, and the life you seek.

Scheduling Your Complimentary Appointments

You will receive a coupon code via email that is good for 3 appointments. Please use one to schedule your Attraction Point Audit (APA) first. Following the APA, you may schedule your next two appointments as Freedom Formula appointments. Note, when scheduling your next two appointments, give yourself a few days up to a week to process any new awareness that may have surfaced as a result of the APA. It is most beneficial to schedule appointments about 1-week apart. Bookmark this page so you can return to schedule or go ahead and schedule out all of your appointments in advance. And most importantly, get excited for your upcoming shifts!