The Freedom Formula Facilitator Program

The Freedom Formula Facilitator Program is an online program designed to teach you everything you need to assist others in experiencing life-transforming shifts.

A unique blending of spiritual concepts with life-transforming processes and techniques, the Freedom Formula contains the key elements Nick (creator of The Freedom Formula Training) has used to transform the lives of his clients in over 30 countries through private coaching and in-person seminars.

His goal? To flood the world with well-trained – high-vibration practitioners – creating massive impact while living a life of freedom and abundance.

The Dominant Intent? Massive Impact.

Nick’s dominant intent in creating The Freedom Formula training is to provide you with everything you need – not only to help others thrive and find their freedom, but for you to elevate to new levels of success as a coach or facilitator in your own life.

More than just a training.

The Freedom Formula training is open to anyone regardless of your background or experience level. The entire program is designed to assist you in every way possible and goes beyond just a basic curriculum.

What you get.

  • The full online curriculum teaching you all the tools, processes and concepts that lead to massive impact – for yourself and others.
  • Access to a global support network – a family of peers all working together one common goal in mind – mastery of the teachings, mastery of their life.
  • You get direct access to Nick and other senior facilitators in biweekly live group calls (and recordings) assisting you with continual guidance to ensure you are always moving forward.
  • More than just processes. The Freedom Formula program is a holistic offering designed to teach you everything you need to thrive as a facilitator who creates massive impact and makes good money while they’re at it.
  • Immediate access to everything you need to dive in, get started and walk the path of being a freedom leader for yourself and for those you wish to serve through one on one coaching and in-person seminars.

Are Your Being Called To Lead?

The Persona Of a Freedom Leader

  • You understand that there is more to physical reality than you can see, hear, feel, taste and touch and you exist beyond the physical.
  • You’re passionate not only to demonstrate what’s possible for others by being an example in your own life, but in assisting and guiding them to move beyond their own limitations.
  • You’re more than an arm-chair coach. You’re ready to step into your role as a leader and role model – living your own life of freedom while teachings others how you got there.
  • You may not be fearless – but you’re ready to tackle those fears as they come up. You’re ready to be visible in this world and shine your light brightly.
  • You’re passionate about growth, expansion and transformation.
  • Helping and guiding others is exciting – it brings you a deep level of satisfaction and fulfillment seeing others step into their power.
    You know that helping others doesn’t mean compromising your own well-being. You’re living life by example, a life filled with freedom, joy, pleasure and abundance in all areas of life.
  • You know that being a martyr isn’t a prerequisite to helping others – you know the value and worth of your services and ready to be generously compensated financially for it.
  • You understand that being a Freedom Leader isn’t just a business – it’s an investment that will create a positive ripple of impact in others and radically shift your own life in ways you may never have thought possible.n seminars.

What You’ll Learn In This Program

Tools That Lead To Transformation

In this Freedom Formula Training, you’ll learn how to work with others using the following life-changing tools and processes.

The Attraction Point Audit
Use the Attraction Point Audit to dig deep into your client’s conscious and unconscious belief systems to discover exactly what’s keeping them stuck in any area of their life.

The Belief Tree Process
The Belief Tree Process is a simple yet powerful process you can use to work through and release the layers of beliefs and perspectives responsible for the fears, negative emotions that hold people back and keep them stuck.

The Freedom Formula Process
The Freedom Formula Process is a five-stage process that can be used to break free and get unstuck from any circumstance by addressing the issue where it started – at its vibrational root.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping)
The Freedom Formula Training also teaches you the basics of how to use EFT with your clients when needed to help fully process heavy layers of emotions.

NLP Reframing
You’ll learn best practices for using reframing for shifting others out of non-serving beliefs and perspectives.


*Facilitator certificates will be provided for The Attraction Point Audit, The Belief Tree Process and The Freedom Formula Process.

Facilitator Mindset and Success

Success is about more than the tools you use or the certificates on your wall. The goal of The Freedom Formula Training is to assist you beyond just completing a curriculum – it’s to assist you in living a thriving and abundant life where you are best suited to serve others.

Practitioners Mindset
In The Freedom Formula Training, you’ll learn that the most important factor in the results of your clients – is you and your vibration. You’ll learn practitioner best practices for filling your cup and keeping it there – so you’re at your best in helping others do the same.

Client Enrollment
Part of being a thriving practitioner is having a successful client enrollment strategy. In the Freedom Formula Training, you’ll learn Nick’s signature gift call process – using the Attraction Point Audit – for enrolling clients who are ready to experience real transformation.

Marketing Basics
As part of the training, you’ll learn the basics on how to market yourself as a practitioner, where to find your ideal clients and recommendations on how to structure your programs and pricing.

Facilitator Promotion
All certified active facilitators and their events will be listed and searchable on the Freedom Formula Training website database.

Facilitator Group Coaching and Support

Most certification and training programs end leaving you hanging once you’ve earned your certificate. The goal of The Freedom Formula Training goes beyond just giving you a certificate – my goal is to see you thrive in your practice and your life – and I’m providing you with the support to do just that.

Bi-weekly Group Calls
Active facilitators will be supported in live group coaching calls every second week hosted by Nick or another senior facilitator. Call days and times may vary in order to support all timezones. All calls will be recorded and shared with facilitators.

Community Discussion Group
Facilitators are also supported via a community discussion board (currently a private FB group) where they can ask questions and receive support from Nick and other facilitators.

Trainer Training – The Seminar in a Box

The Freedom Formula Training goes beyond 1-1 practitioner work. You’ll also have the opportunity to teach The Freedom Formula Weekend – A seminar to teach the formula to others for their own self-use.

This training includes everything you need to deliver a leading-edge life-changing seminar for your participants including:

  • Full seminar outline.
  • Facilitator handbook.
  • Student manuals.
  • Powerpoint presentation.
  • Seminar delivery guidance and best practices.

Are You Being Called To Become a Freedom Leader?