What is Life Design?

Life Design is all about creating a life of integrity in which you feel joy and experience abundance. It’s about bringing the vivid clarity and colors back into your life. It’s about re-engaging with your imagination and experiencing the magic of a life lived in alignment with your inner being. It’s about discovering a whole new way to become aware and shift perspectives into a much-preferred reality – a life you absolutely love.

This is for Everyone!

Discover how you may be blocking your own success.
Uncover why you haven’t left that job.
Understand why you keep falling into the same relationship pitfalls.
Release past anxieties that cause you to feel stuck.

What is the Freedom Formula?

I utilize the Freedom Formula (as taught by my mentor, Nick Breau) alongside my Intuitive abilities to empower you to break free from your limitations – so you can step into your power living a life of true freedom.​

The teachings and processes you’ll find in the Freedom Formula can be applied to assist you in transforming all areas of your life where you may feel stuck. It has been used by men and women all around the world to create massive shifts in circumstances ranging from health, wealth and relationships to joy, happiness and fulfillment.

How Does it Work?

The Freedom Formula is founded in the understanding that physical reality is a projection of your own consciousness, a co-creation, between you and your inner being and that all limitations you currently experience can be transcended by addressing them where they originate – inside of you.​

The Formula encompasses the teachings, processes and techniques you can use to identify your unconscious limitations, shift out of old paradigms of thought and behavior, release paralyzing fears and negative emotions and step into your power so you can experience a life of true freedom.

What This is Not!

Life Design is not “life coaching”. While these are familiar tags used to categorize this type of work, Life Design is a dragonfly of a different color. I am not coaching you into a more abundant, aware, joyful life. I am holding space and guiding you into discovering your own power to build the life you desire. I use my intuitive abilities alongside proven techniques to get down to the core issues that have been blocking your success and assist you in gaining a new awareness, thus a new perspective, and releasing you from old beliefs that no longer serve you. I have been a practicing Psychic Medium for over 25+ years. All of the experiences, tools and methodologies I have accumulated over those years have melded into the active Intuitive services that I have specifically provided over the past 10 years.

Think of Life Design as one deep-dive Intuitive session over a period of 12-weeks that doesn’t stop, doesn’t give up, doesn’t complete itself until you come out the other side a profoundly empowered individual.

Experiencing the freedom and abundance you seek lies in addressing the limitations found within.

These inner limitations are the only barrier between the life you live and the life you seek.

~ Nick Breau

Let’s Work Together

Working the Freedom Formula process takes time to create effective and lasting change. Typically, most clients require 8-10 weekly sessions to clear out issues that crop up and to begin to maintain a high and consistent vibe. Thereafter, the remaining sessions are scheduled every other week to maintain this new found alignment. Clients always have the option to add sessions, but this is usually not necessary.

We will begin our work together by discussing your objectives in seeking out these life-changing services and defining measurable goals so that we know when we are achieving a true measure of success. We will investigate the primary dominant negative emotions that form the patterns of attracting what you don’t want in your life. From that point on, we will focus on addressing these emotions and other challenges in your life, systematically rooting out the underpinings until they no longer weigh you down, anchor you to a past that no longer serves you. There will be resources made available to assist you in transitioning and maintaining a joyful, abundant life – a Life Designed to be lived the way you desire with integrity.

An Investment in Yourself

The Freedom Formula would hardly be a vision of the very freedom we are designing for your life if you were locked into a contract. Therefore, please look at the fees involved as an agreement between you and me to put our focus into creating this new reality for you.
If for some reason at the end of the first month you are not satisfied, you may end this agreement and any remaining payments. I know the value of this work and I know that four weeks into it, you will, as well.

Scheduling Your Freedom Formula Sessions

Life Design is a 12-session program designed to uncover and clear blocks in your life. Once you select one of the 12-week program packages, you will be issued a code. Each time you sign in to schedule a session, you will use your code until all 12 sessions are complete.

As indicated by the buttons, you will schedule your Attraction Point Audit (APA) first. Following the APA, you will schedule your initial  Freedom Formula session via the “Session 2” button. You will schedule the remaining sessions via the third button as indicated. Please be sure to schedule one session a week for maximum benefits. Bookmark this page so you can return to schedule or go ahead and schedule out all of your appointments in advance. And most importantly, get excited about your upcoming shifts!