What to Expect in an Intuitive Session

I don’t offer predictions, I intuit potential and possibilities.

When you come for a reading, you are receiving a multi-layered approach to the challenge at hand. Your guides are eager to offer clarity from their higher perspective with the understanding of your life’s purpose and goals in mind. This is combined with my intuitive abilities to sense energy flow and maintain myself as a clear conduit in order to receive their messages.

My style is very conversational. Think of it like a Life Coach session “on steriods” as it has the spiritual guidance component which offers rapid clarity and a pathway to moving forward, sorting through difficult challenges and, often, a little bit of follow-up personal work.

In a nutshell, we will deep dive into those areas of your life affecting you most. With the help of your guides, we will focus awareness on a given challenge, bring it to light, shift your perspective and release the pent up or blocked energy. In doing so, you will discover a renewed sense of ease within yourself and an understanding of how best to move forward along your journey.

This is soul work for those who are ready to move forward in their spiritual journey. 


What to Expect in a Mediumship Session

When you come for a mediumship reading, you are coming to connect with a loved one or a host of loved ones who have crossed over. You may not realize it, but every time you think on a loved one, they come to you. They are there, by your side, with love and receive whatever you have to say. However, often times, it can feel like a one-sided conversation, if you are missing their subtle means of communication. 

That’s where I come in. In my experience, communicating with souls is always an adventure. It requires patience as we move through the validation process to determine that we are, in fact, speaking to the soul with whom you desired to communicate. Sometimes they show right up, full of themselves. However, more times than not, it is a process of getting them to fill in their appearance in my mind’s eye. Once validated, it is time to start the conversation. This is the exciting, joyful, tearful part of the experience. 

Most often times, souls come through with the desire to promote healing in your life, whether it be from an issue between the two of you or because they have an eagle-eye view of your life and want to offer some pearls of wisdom. When they show up, it is with love in their heart; always a worthwhile experience for all.

Can I Do Both Readings in One Session?

Absolutely! Decide which is most important and we can lead with that. However, if it doesn’t matter, I always suggest going with an Intuitive Reading first as it is a much faster process then connecting with a loved one. Once your questions have been answered, you will be more at ease with the slower pace of the validation, then Q&A process of a Mediumship Reading