Group Intuitive Mediumship Readings

Group Intuitive Mediumship Readings are a great time to come together with family and friends to experience the wonders of the Spiritual realm. There are two types of group readings that I offer:

Gallery-Style Gatherings are when you and your friends gather all together in your living room to receive messages from your loved ones in spirit and answers to any questions you seek spiritual guidance about.

Hosted Private Reading Gatherings are similar in that you and your friends still gather together at your location, but instead of reading in a group setting, I provide a private 20-minute reading for each guest away from the group.


I’ve never met with a medium or had a reading before my appointment with Samantha. I went into the appointment with an open mind but also with the hope of being discerning enough to know if what was going on was real and accurate. I can tell you from everything I experienced and what we talked about that Samantha has an amazing gift! I didn’t know what results to expect from my reading but I ended up getting everything I needed and wanted from it. I highly recommend Samantha for anything as simple as getting a higher perspective to much deeper things like connecting with loved ones who have passed on.

Brittney Baxter Dameron Mediumship via Zoom
Brittney Baxter Dameron

If you need to connect with a love one who crossed over, I highly recommend Samantha, she was always on point throughout the reading, she is super friendly I will definitely come back and do another reading with her. I left the reading feeling great just soo happy.

Ashley Ramirez Mediumship Reading via Zoom
Ashley Ramirez

WOW is the best word I can find to describe my experience with mine and my grandmother’s mediumship reading last night!!! She gave us the priceless gift of healing and peace! I saw my grandmother come alive as Samantha brought up memory after memory of our lost loves ones for a straight hour and a half! We couldn’t even think of questions during the reading because we were just so blown away with what our loved ones were saying (so do as she says and write your questions down beforehand, this was a birthday surprise to my grandmother so she didn’t know it was happening until an hour before).

I have already shared her info and all of our stories about our reading last night with so many people and will continue doing so! This experience was worth every cent I spent on it, the memory I built with my grandmother and my mother (who was listening in) is priceless!!! I will be scheduling more readings with Samantha, I don’t see a need to look any further for a better medium because I have found the BEST!!

We were so comfortable and relaxed, we did the reading via fb messenger video in the comfort of our home. Ten millions thank you’s to you Samantha, I knew after watching several of your videos for days before booking that you were the one for us but after last night I am just so blessed and honored that all of the energies around me led me to you! You gave my grandmother such a beautiful beautiful gift!

Cenda Paradis Mediumship Reading via Zoom
Cenda Paradis

Thank you Samantha Love for a wonderful reading!♡ you connected with my Gabbygirl and you were on point! I was missing her so much! Also you brought me some closure with her telling me to move on… Thanks again for a lovely reading!

Lizbeth M. Mediumship Reading via Facebook
Lizbeth M.

Omg all I can say Samantha immediately responded to a photo I posted.  I knew this old photo would give others a problem and boom she picked up on it. Awesome and amazing is all I really can say.  Samantha talked with my great grandmother.  So exact and so much information.  You will be amazed and become a true believer in her psychic abilities.  Thank you, Samantha you enlightened my mind and heart.

Nancy Gillett Mediumship Reading via Facebook
Nancy Gillett

Samantha did a reading for me with my deceased boyfriend. She was absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend having a reading with Samantha. Connecting with a loved one who has passed is very emotional yet brings you peace after your emotions have run their course. Samantha is with you on this emotional journey and had a calmness about her that is comforting. I highly encourage everyone to connect.

Rachel Lukehart Mediumship Reading via Facebook Video Chat
Rachel Lukehart

Samantha is amazing. She connected with my loved one and showed me how to heal from a loss I’ve struggled with for 13 years.  Words cannot describe how amazing she truly is. You have to experience it for yourself.

Rachel Lukehart Mediumship Reading via Facebook Messenger
Rachel Lukehart

The Details

These gatherings are a wonderful event to add to a “ladies night out” or a family get-together.

I will travel to your location and read for the group. If the location is more than 30-minutes away, there may be a travel fee, as well. The atmosphere of the chosen location should be free of extraneous activities or noises. While this is certainly not a solemn undertaking – upbeat energy and laughter assist in connecting with souls – we do want the atmosphere to be free from distractions including children, pets or individuals wandering in and out of the sacred space. Candlelight – real or battery-powered – always adds to the atmosphere.

The minimum fee is $345 for a 2-hour reading with up to 6 people. This is required to book the session. Every person in attendance over that is $50 each and the hostess is expected to collect this before the start of the reading. Although not everyone is guaranteed a connection with Spirit, most of the time, every guest receives some kind of connection.

Speaking about the start of the reading, any time of day or evening is fine, though most people find they are less distracted and can enjoy the moment more so in the evenings and it sets a better atmosphere. If having dinner prior to the reading, consider something that is not overwhelming as smells can be a part of the sensory input from a visiting soul and I would hate to miss that due to a lovingly made, but pungent dinner. Wine and hors d’oeuvres are often a popular option. I just ask that everyone minds their level of intoxication so as not to potentially infringe on the enjoyment of others.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget the way you made them feel”

~ Dr. Maya Angelou

How This Works

Initiating the start of the reading: Ideally, we will be seated in a space that can allow for a circle, semi-circle of chairs, sofas or what have you. I am adaptable. I will ask the group to be silent for a few minutes while I log in to the energy of the group. Sometimes Spirit comes in and offers some comments and I will pass these on to you. 

Questions and answers: I like to begin by offering the group the opportunity to ask any questions having to do with the nature of my work, past experiences, what to potentially expect in the session and so on. This is a good way to break the ice and allow the group to get a feel for who I am and what I am about.

Order of readings: It is up to the hostess or the group to decide if they want to just see who shows up first within the group, as in a gallery reading, or if they would like for me to start with a particular individual and work my way around. I have come to learn that not everyone necessarily wants to communicate with a loved one and may have a question of an Intuitive nature. They would be free to ask it upon their turn, if they prefer. We can continue around the circle or the free-flow of questions at random as time allows.

Spirit will bring forth shared memories, chat about who they are with in the spirit world, and all kinds of unique bits of evidence to help you feel confident in knowing that they continue to live on and that they are with you in your life. I can only bring through what I receive and will do my best to clarify at every opportunity.

In the end, the success of the group reading relies on me being prepared and in my heart space and the group being dynamic and open to receive all messages that may come through. This dynamism relies on the group’s eagerness and preparedness with questions. If someone is hesitant in the group, then we may move on to the next individual so as to keep the upbeat flow of energy moving forward.