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I Felt So Much Better After Meeting With Her

June 8, 2015

I met with Samantha for the first time last week. She was very sensitive to my situation and very intuitive with advice to help me. I felt so much better after meeting with her and taking some of her advice. She seems to be very honest and caring and level-headed. I look forward to meeting with her again.

Lauren GaddTarot Reading in Person

Samantha is Amazing

June 14, 2015

Samantha is amazing.  She connected with my loved one and showed me how to heal from a loss I’ve struggled with for 13 years.  Words cannot describe how amazing she truly is.  You have to experience it for yourself.

Rachel LukehartMediumship Reading via Facebook

An Amazing, Fun and Unforgettable Experience!

June 8, 2015

The reading I had with Samantha was an amazing, fun and unforgettable experience! Frankly, I was dumbstruck as she succinctly answered the questions I had longed to ask with answers I intuitively knew to be true. I could not find fault with what I was hearing. Samantha has the keen ability to quickly get to the heart of the matter with insightful and meaningful information. She is truly gifted. I was deeply satisfied on many levels and I came away with a sense of clarity to my questions. I can highly recommend one of her insightful readings! 

David LoveIntuitive Reading via Email

Become a True Believer in Her Psychic Abilities

June 3, 2015

Omg all I can say Samantha immediately responded to a photo I posted.  I knew this old photo would give others a problem and boom she picked up on it. Awesome and amazing is all I really can say.  Samantha talked with my great grandmother.  So exact and so much information.  You will be amazed and become a true believer in her psychic abilities.  Thank you, Samantha you enlightened my mind and heart. 

Nancy GillettMediumship Reading via Facebook

Samantha is with You on this Emotional Journey

June 2, 2015

Samantha did a reading for me with my deceased boyfriend. She was absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend having a reading with Samantha. Connecting with a loved one who has passed is very emotional yet brings you peace after your emotions have run their course. Samantha is with you on this emotional journey and had a calmness about her that is comforting. I highly encourage everyone to connect. 

Rachel LukehartMediumship Reading via Facebook

You Connected with My Gabbygirl

May 24, 2015

Thank you Samantha Love for a wonderful reading!♡ you connected with my Gabbygirl and you were on point! I was missing her so much! Also you brought me some closure with her telling me to move on… Thanks again for a lovely  reading!

Lizbeth MMediumship Reading via Facebook

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