July 25, 2014 samantha

A Diamond in the Rough

On the way to Glacier, someone alerted us to a bit of an oddity out in the middle of nowhere, but en route to West Glacier north of Missoula. Looking at a map, you might think I am referring to the National Bison Range. While Bison are infinitely fascinating behemoths to observe, no, that is not what garnered our attention.

We found this diamond within a one-horse town called St. Ignatius, wherein one finds the St. Ignatius Catholic Church. Honestly, the last thing our kids wanted to do was to visit a Catholic church in the middle of nowhere and beyond. But what a wonder to behold!

What makes this Gothic revival church so amazing are the 58 murals painted by Brother Joseph Carignano, the mission cook who was an untrained artist. To behold the ethereal beauty of these murals is a wonder. Having just driven through the most boring, arrid plains landscape and then through this little town to happen upon such a sight, I felt swept away.

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And then the kids got restless and wanted to go outside to toss the Frisbee about. With several more hours to go and the grandeur of Flathead Lake before us, we hastily set off towards Kalispell. This is a wonderful stop to refresh the senses!


Thought the drawings on the back of the St. Ignatius sign were a bit interesting.


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