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Why You Need an Intuitive/Medium Reading with Samantha Love

Samantha believes that life is a delicious adventure. Each precious moment is meant to be savored.
This incredible world within which we live is host to countless amazing potentials and possibilities and we,
by a simple change in our perception, can adjust to and embrace every challenge with magnificent grace.

Okay, maybe we are not always so graceful.
Alright, at times we are downright kicking and screaming, “Why Me?!”
Why Me?! Because you chose it.

You chose it when you came into this life and you actively choose it every waking moment of your day.
In the midst of it all, sometimes, we just can’t see the forest for the trees and, other times, all we see is a blank wall.
Either scenario blocks us from achieving our true potential, following our life’s path, reaching our ultimate goal.
And we can’t leave out Healing, as this is what truly assists us in moving on through the greater lessons along our life’s path.


An Intuitive Reading Can Get You Back On Track!

Intuitive | Clairvoyant | Clairsentient | Empath | Medium | Tarot-ist

Samantha Love offers readings that drill down to the core issues affecting your personal life and career.
With great care and profound insight, together we can help you understand what is taking place around you. With assistance from your personal guides, Samantha can deliver the information you need now to make the best decisions for your life and to give you the likely outcomes to those decisions.


My Services

As I continue along my own spiritual path,
I gain additional tools that I can use to enhance or compliment a reading.

Intuitive Reading

Integrating psychic work, intuition, and philosophy together to provide you with insight into your life. A good intuitive reading validates the intuitive hunches that you have felt previously, while leaving you feeling empowered, clear, understood and relieved. Readings are always in the spirit of collaborative partnership.

Psychic Medium

Connecting to spirit, contacting your deceased loved one or family member from this lifetime and even other lifetimes. Mediumship requires the obtaining and maintaining of a particular energy vibration to allow for optimal contact. The full appointment time may be required for this effort.

Energetic Body Scan

Viewing auras, scanning chakras and healing. An energetic body scan is a great way to read the unseen energy that may be wrecking havoc on your body. While offering information about the individual soul, we may also gain information on any current blockages in your life mentally showing up physically and request for spiritual healing.

Tarot Reading

Using special or intentional tools to focus intuitive energy to draw out information and answers hidden inside of ourselves. Tarot readings are offered to those that prefer the divination style of reading. Tarot readings are great for “party” atmospheres. They can be a cool way to add some fun and mystique to your next event.

Past Life Regressions

Glimpsing into the past to discover life patterns to promote understanding and healing. Through relaxation and guided meditation, the soul travels back to a previous lifetime to ask the ultimate question, “What was this life’s purpose?” Responses often shed a good deal of light on issues in the current lifetime.

Intimate Gatherings

Gatherings can be made extra special by having a Tarot Reader or a Circle Reading. Add a unique element to your next party by hosting a Psychic Medium. Tarot Readings focus on the individual guests, while a Mediumship reading is held in a gallery format designed to connect guests with departed loved ones.


Psychic 411

When Should I Get a Psychic Reading?

Receive Clarity

There are times in our life when we feel we just can’t move ahead. A psychic reading will help you gain clarity on issues that may be interfering with you achieving your goals.  

Discover Potentials

Feeling stumped on where to go next? A psychic reading can help you discover possibilities you might never have considered or even knew existed. 

Access Insight

Confused over the many choices around you? A psychic  reading can help you understand the nuances of  what is going on around you with potential options and possible outcomes.  

When Should I Consult a Medium?

Wait At Least 3 Months

Your grief over the loss of a loved one may still be raw and not quite under control. Usually around 3 months, you will find that you feel strong and open to the communication.  

The Deceased Need Time, Too

Your loved ones need time to adjust to their homecoming. They also need to reacquaint themselves in communicating within the non-physical. Give them some time. They will let you know when they, too, are ready. 

Look for Signs

Often times, your loved one will begin to send signs that they are ready to communicate. You may find coins and feathers lying about. You may notice dragonflies or birds flittering about. They will also communicate through electronics or often your favorite song.



A Few Raves!

  • Samantha did a reading for me with my deceased boyfriend. She was absolutely amazing and I would highly recommend having a reading with Samantha. Connecting with a loved one who has passed is very emotional yet brings you peace after your emotions have run their course. Samantha is with you on this emotional journey and had a calmness about her that is comforting. I highly encourage everyone to connect

    Rachel Lukehart
  • Thank you Samantha Love for a wonderful reading!♡ you connected with my Gabbygirl and you were on point! I was missing her so much! Also you brought me some closer with her telling me to move on… Thanks again for a lovely reading!

    Lizbeth M

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