I believe that life is a delicious adventure. Each precious moment is meant to be savored.
This incredible world within which we live is host to countless amazing potentials, possibilities and experiences,
and we, by a simple change in our perception, can adjust to and embrace every challenge with magnificent grace.

Okay, maybe we are not always so graceful.
Alright, at times we are downright kicking and screaming, “Why Me?!”
Why Me? Because…you chose it.

You chose it when you came into this life and you actively choose it every waking moment of your day.
In the midst of it all, sometimes, we just can’t see the forest for the trees and, other times, all we see is a blank wall.
Either scenario blocks us from achieving our true potential, following our life’s path, reaching our ultimate goal.
And we can’t leave out Healing, as this is what truly assists us in moving on through the greater lessons along our life’s path.

An Intuitive Reading Can Get You Back On Track!

I offer readings that drill down to the core issues affecting your personal life and career.

With great care and profound insight, together we can help you understand what is taking place around you. With assistance from your personal guides, I can deliver the information you need now to make the best decisions for your life and to give you the likely outcomes to those decisions.

Intuitive Reading

Integrating psychic work, intuition, and philosophy together to provide you with insight into your life. A good intuitive reading validates the intuitive hunches that you have previously felt, while leaving you feeling empowered, clear, understood and relieved. Readings are always in the spirit of collaborative partnership.

Get Back On Track!

Life Design

Simplifying the universe into its essential element – energy; then using it to create the life you most desire. Through defining our desired life goals, we clarify our intent and then focus on removing past unconscious programming that may be working at cross-purposes to achieve these goals.

This is Life Changing Work!


Providing “proof of life” after an individual has passed to assist in healing and to gain an understanding of what occurs after we leave this World. When we connect with a soul who has crossed over, it is an intense experience which often opens new paradigms of thought and can help us move more gently through our grief.

A Beautiful Experience!